SHOP FOR MY ART! I drew this cartoon and posted it first in December of 2006! Wow. I’ve been cartooning for a while now. At that time I was a pastor of a local church. I wasn’t into that whole “dead believer” kind of mentality… you know… God’s frozen chosen and so on. I was more interested in not killing people with bad theology. Or manipulation. Or spiritual abuse. You see, I think this happens a lot: people go to… Read more

Just because Bob Jones University is doing what it’s doing doesn’t mean it didn’t do what it did. Last year BJU hired GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) to investigate allegations of sexual abuse on its campus. This week, just one month before its investigation was to be completed and the report was to be made public, BJU terminated GRACE. What is also sad about this is that universities are usually seen as leaders in thought and… Read more

Get a print of “God Using Google Maps” This is one of the problems with being omnipresent. Read more

GET A REPRODUCTION OF T-REXOGNITION! Almost 5,000 people were polled and the results are that 91% believe Nye won. Read more. I did a cartoon about this yesterday as well. Are you looking for your own validation? Join us at The Lasting Supper! Read more

 Read more

Get a print of this drawing! Read more

Call me weird but I have no desire to find out what movie-star or TV character I’m like. I’m so ego-centric I think they are like me! In fact, when someone says I look just like Bruce Cockburn, I correct them and tell them no, he looks like me! So I decided to make this meme showing that I am just like me. Read more


Get a print of this cartoon! Read more

(GET A PRINT!) Lion tamers: capture tame control perform Like some pastors out there: They capture you. They tame you. They control you. They turn your life into a performance. Don’t get caught! Or if you do, escape! The Lasting Supper has a lot of escaped lions. Read more

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