Apparently, for many, religion gives us permission to presume. And pry. And persecute. And punish. You’ve probably heard by now that Ellen Page came out as gay. You’ve also probably heard that Anne Rice supported her and responds to Christian homophobia. I’ve been reading about the severe anti-gay bill that was passed in Uganda and how this was strongly influenced by some American evangelicals. The gospel has become a tool of discrimination in so many areas such as race, gender and… Read more

There’s only one verse that snake-handling is based on. But people are willing to die over it. I’m cautious about pointing the finger though because there are other irrational things we do based on a verse or two. Have you seen my shop? Interesting in community? Check out The Lasting Supper. No snakes! Read more

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I have a crazy Valentines sale on this weekend… 40% OFF ALL MY ARTWORK! Use coupon code “lovingme”. SHOP NOW! I’ve heard some sermons where I wanted the preacher to continue. I’ve heard some sermons where I was like this kid… trying to figure out a way out. There’s nothing wrong with being a good speaker! So many people are afraid of “tickling peoples’ ears”. But they forget that Jesus himself drew crowds. Hey! Have you heard of The Lasting… Read more

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This is not true for everybody. But it is true for many. I’ve been chewed up and spit out of churches. I’ve also left on my own accord. At the beginning it all seems good. This is the story for many: you get inside and you work your butt of serving the church as best you can. Then when you start to taste bitter to the church or you’ve lost your flavor or you upset it’s stomach, you’re spit out…. Read more

(I drew a picture of a woman praying in the bathtub because from the women I know it’s one of the best places to cry alone. If you haven’t heard “Say Something” by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, then you can experience it here. It’s one of those songs that makes me stop and listen and feel deeply.) What do we do when you realize prayer no longer works? Admit it: This is the first thing we have… Read more

I’m not speaking theoretically here. This is real. These responses are ones I’ve either inflicted or been afflicted by. I’m not making this up. When some churches are confronted with the accusation of abuse… spiritual, emotional, sexual… whatever… these are some of the ways they manage it: EXPOSURE: When new people come with claims of abuse from a previous church, some pastors, even though they want the new members, fear the possibility that these people are complainers and may raise… Read more

Many leaders forget they’re just one of the flock as well. Shepherds are sheep too. It’s been said that even Jesus was the lamb of God. I think it would be helpful and healthy for churches and her leaders to remember this. Don’t you? Did you enjoy this cartoon? If so, maybe you’d like to donate $1, $3 or $5 to the nakedpastor site. Thanks so much! Or for just $7/month you can support our online flock (haha!), The Lasting… Read more

Get a high-quality reproduction of this cartoon shipped to you! Do you ever wonder why we’ve wandered so far away from the teachings of Jesus? Do you ever wonder why those who claim to be his representatives don’t resemble him at all? *** Did you enjoy this post? If so, maybe you’d like to donate $1, $3 or $5 to the nakedpastor site. Or for just $7/month you can support our online community, The Lasting Supper! Read more

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