*** Did you know you can acquire a fine reproduction of this cartoon, as well as of others, in my store? Poor Jesus. This is something he has had to struggle with for over 2,000 years. A reputation he can’t seem to shake. Mary’s a good mom. She just listens and affirms who he is. By the way, The Lasting Supper is a great place to find affirmation for who you are! Seriously. I personally invite you. Read more

You can acquire a fine reproduction of this cartoon in my store. I hope I made you smile. In fact, the wifi symbol looks kind of cool. How much time do you spend online per day? If you want to spend some of that time with a cool community of awesome people, join The Lasting Supper! Read more

You can get a fine art reproduction of this cartoon, as well as other art, cartoons, and Sophias, in my store. Attachments should augment the product, not diminish or dilute it. So many attachments! So many accoutrements! I realize that along with some things other things come along as well. Like my marriage: I’ve got love and I got bills. But bills are part of the package to help sustain our love. Attachments that get in the way: cut them… Read more

I get challenged enough online to know what it’s like. It’s not easy. So, I’ll admit that when someone else gets challenged online it’s kind of like watching an accident. I just can’t help it. I want everyone to be okay. Honestly. But I just can’t seem to avert my eyes. So yesterday when Tony Jones posted “Why Are You Still a Christian?” and proceeded to give his reasons, I couldn’t help but watch. I’m not an accident scene expert,… Read more

There are fine art reproductions of this cartoon available! Shop now! Check out The Lasting Supper! Read more

Wouldn’t it be funny right now if I invited you to shop in my store? I have no problem with people buying and selling. Even Jesus junk. What’s problematic is when we impute our ideas into the mind and mouth of Jesus. It’s okay to be prosperous. It’s not okay to suggest Jesus preached a prosperity message. The Lasting Supper Read more

You can get a really nice reproduction of this drawing in my store. Everything around us resists our transformation. Sure, we are encouraged to conform and adapt and tweak in order to keep up with the expectations and opinions of others. But true transformation? No. This stretches everybody, including ourselves. In our online community The Lasting Supper we provide a safe space for people to change out loud with support and even friendship. It is helping so many people, including… Read more

The reproductions of my cartoons look really cool in frames. Think about it. Interesting, but some of my most popular cartoons have to do with gender. For example, this cartoon about gender has almost 330,000 notes on my tumblr page. Still, even though Jesus was male, he represents the empowerment of girls and women. Many members of The Lasting Supper are empowered women. So cool! They’ve become my best friends. Read more

Mary heard Jesus crying and went in to his bedroom to comfort him. He often had nightmares predicting what those around him would turn him into. Actually, every single one of us eventually has to resist the pressure to conform to the expectations of others. We also have to accept that people will think of us differently than we actually are. But once you know that you are poised to mature. Shop for my art! Join our online community The… Read more

You can purchase a print of this cartoon in my store! Unity isn’t to be achieved but believed. We are all one. But we are not all as one. The manifestation does not match the reality. This is clear. The Spirit is not only within the human collective, incarnationally it is the human collective. I suggest our divisiveness is therefore the suffering of Spirit. I read Zach Hoag’s post, “Resolved: Quitting the Progressive Christian Internet in 2014”. This concerns me… Read more

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