SHOP FOR ART, SOPHIAs and CARTOONS like this one! Some might say this is negative. But I believe that there is goodness in all of us. Remove the dickness and the goodness will abound. One of the cool things about our global community is we’re learning how to remove the dickness together. Read more

Fine art reproductions of this cartoon! The deepest root of much of what we do is an existential fear of death. However. I run. I use a kettle bell. I do this because I feel better. So even though death awaits, while I’m alive I choose to be as healthy as I can and to feel as good as possible. Read more

High quality prints of this cartoon are available in our nakedpastor shop! Cute. I hope poignant. But I also hope a helpful analogy illustrating the relationship between the two. The Lasting Supper Read more

Hehe. You can get this cartoon print and many others in my shop! It’s amazing to me how refined everyone’s definitions and requirements are becoming. It’s almost like you can’t have one word out of place. Plus, Jesus and his Father are taking everything so personally these days and getting offended over the least little thing. So look out! The Lasting Supper Global Community Read more

Oh, I’m bad. I know. But listen! I’m reading all over the internet ridiculous ideas about what is biblical sex and what is not. Just the other day I saw a very popular tweet where a man was insisting a woman should not enjoy sex because her sole biblical purpose is to silently and gently procreate. So I can’t help but imagine that he’s had loud and rough sex and got all guilty over it. In bible college I sat… Read more

Fine art reproductions of this cartoon are available here. Looking through a glass lens darkly. I remember this one guy who took videos and pictures of everything. It seemed to me that he lived his whole life through a lens, a pinhole, a narrowly constricted vision. Have you ever experienced a visual moment and been tempted to take a picture and realized that as a result you would miss the moment? Like in the wonderful film The Secret Life of… Read more

I pastored local churches for about 30 years. I know how important money can become in the life of a church. I also know how easy it is to see people only in terms of their usefulness and what they can contribute, including financially. The whole idea of tithing is rooted in an entirely different time, culture and religion. So when you hear someone like Pastor Ed Young berate his congregation of thousands that it is all about the money,… Read more

Buy a reproduction of this drawing! This doesn’t mean Jesus wasn’t afraid. Fear is natural. What he is saying is that he didn’t allow his fear to rule over him. Didn’t the theologian Karl Barth say “Courage is fear getting back in the saddle”? Or was that John Wayne? That’s the trick, isn’t it? I love the courage of my friends at The Lasting Supper. Come join us. Read more

There are highly quality fine art reproductions of this cartoon available here. THE LASTING SUPPER ONLINE COMMUNITY Read more

I remember reading Bono saying Bob Dylan’s and Van Morrison’s style of Christianity was “Old Testament”. This is how I think of Mark Driscoll’s style of Christianity… lots of wrath, punishment, and exclusivity. In fact, THE LASTING SUPPER has some survivors of Mars Hill and this kind of Old Testament style Christianity. They’re awesome! SHOP Read more

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