A Prayer For Those Affected by the Violence of Charlottesville

Downtown Charlottesville. Photo by Bob Mical. (cc) 2017.
Downtown Charlottesville. Photo by Bob Mical. (cc) 2017.

Right now I can only bring myself to offer prayer for those who have been affected by the violence in Charlottesville, and for those who fail to see what is at stake for all of us at this moment, right now.

If you do not know what happened, here is a link to the LA Times article.  And here is a link to the Washington Post article that shows the photo that they believe will define this moment in our history.

Let us pray, to whatever you find sacred, in whatever way that speaks to you.  Let us grieve today, and let us dare to whisper gently of hope, even in the midst of darkness.


Sacred heart of the world I pray
Be with those who suffer from violence
Surround them with grace and restoration
Give them strength for their recovery
For the victims, great spirits of all
Carry prayers for healing and strength.

Spirit of life help all of us to remember
We are all your children
Together we live and grow and die
Under your skies and upon your ground
When we spill each other’s blood
It is your heart that weeps for all of us.

Great Mother Earth and Father Sky
Bless us to remember we all walk
On your skin together as one people
Open the ears of all the people
That we might hear our stories
Be moved by them
And cross the divides
That grow ever wider between us

Great source of all creation
Plant the seed of wonder at diversity
That it might grow and overshadow
Dark patches of fear and hate
Remind us that it is through diversity
That creation shares beauty, resiliency and joy

I pray to All with sadness and sorrow on my heart
For the hatred that I have seen, the pain it has caused
And with a barely a daring whisper of hope

For a gentler, more beautiful dawn
Brought with evaporating summer dews
And early dawn rays that warm the coldest hearts.

So be it.

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