What Do You Want?

I want to live my ideals.

I want my life to stand up to scrutiny, to be above reproach.

I want to love the person in front of me, and the person I will never see.

I want to be transformed by Jesus, turning from my selfish concerns to offer my strength and gifts for the benefit of others.

I want all my resources to be devoted to good, to helping friends on the margins.

I want to pursue truth, that I might share it well.

I want to smile and to live a life that makes others smile.

I want to be effective, with my efforts making a substantive difference.

I want people in hard places to teach me about community, work, perseverance,
generosity, and faith.

I want to remain tied into a church, a group of others on the journey who will
remind me that I’m not crazy.

I want to rattle people’s cages, challenging people to live differently.

I want to pray deeply, trusting our Creator to help and to heal what I cannot,
including myself.

I want to name the lies of my culture.

I want to have passion and to spark passion in others.

I want to share my little wisdom with those who are just stepping onto this road,
that they might avoid my mistakes.

I want to be willing to suffer.

I want to keep going, never stopping, learning, going, giving, growing.

I want justice.


What do you want, really? Post a comment.


This post originally ran on the blog of World Vision ACT:S, with the image above. They are good people doing good stuff. Check them out.