December link round-up

On Twitter, Google+, and especially Facebook, I share lots of links and things associated with Paganism and childbearing. Today I’ve rounded up the highlights from December.

  • A nice shout-out for Pagan Families from The Wild Hunt when we moved here to Patheos
  • Information on birth goddesses from Maiden to Mother
  • Thinking about the meaning of “bringing a baby earthside” at First the Egg
  • Sister MorningStar reflects on freedom and midwifery
  • Amy Swagman of The Mandala Journey created some stunning finger labyrinths for pregnancy and birth meditation. The description in her Etsy shop begins, “These labyrinths can be used as a meditation and relaxation tool during pregnancy and birth.” This photo, shared with her permission, shows two of her Placenta-Tree of Life finger labyrinths.

Here at Pagan Families we arrived here at Patheos, shared Molly’s post about blessing ways, participated in the Amethyst Network’s blog circle on Holidays After Loss, reviewed the Mother’s Wisdom Deck, and published Julianne’s meditations on birth art, as well as initiating the Wednesday Wisdom series.

What have you been reading or writing that we missed?

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