CNN & Fox News Contribute To The Ebola Crisis

For those in the disaster world it is a well-known principal that effective responses continue only as long as ongoing in depth coverage continues.  Today in West Africa dozens of patients, men, women and children will die.  Local West African health leaders plead for more funding, more responders and additional logistical support.
The news in the west is awash with reports about 3 cases of Ebola in Texas; our President makes statements, experts pontificate and talking heads spin the news for both it’s dramatic and political effects.
Meanwhile funding for Ebola response in Africa continues to dribble in to the accounts of Doctors Without Boarders and other NGO’s.  Many NGO’s have stopped considering accepting the nationwide flood of volunteers, who wish to respond, due to a lack of funds.
America wake up, this is a global health crisis; national news organizations need to refocus their coverage where the real disaster is happening.  News coverage is the engine that drives donations to responding organizations. It is disgusting that America is so engrossed in our local three cases and diverting attention from where the needs are greatest.
Our national news outlets are behaving in an immoral manner in their coverage, more interested in spreading fear that will drive ratings than being part of a proactive solution.  

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