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Damn You Con(s)!!! 20 Notes From February Pagan Gatherings

All of us who attend know that Pcon is not literally “the place where the Pagan Umbrella is litigated every year,” but it’s closer to that than anywhere else. It’s fuel for blog posts and books, and it’s where information and ritual outside of the written word are shared and then spread across many areas of the country. [Read more…]

The Tarot and Led Zeppelin

Are there explicit tarot-inspired images in the music and art of Led Zeppelin? You bet! It’s a little rock history and some tarot history all in one tidy little package. [Read more…]

Pan: The God of All

In Modern Greek the word pan translates to “everything” or “all” but it’s much more likely that the god Pan derives his name from the Greek word root “pa” which translates to “Guardian of the flocks.” Pan’s first role has always been that of the shepherd, the guardian between civilization and the wild. [Read more…]

On Blogs, Fox News, and Emerging Pagan Media

The online Pagan world is more than just blogs and Facebook. There’s actually a “Pagan Media” now and we are expressing ourselves and our spirituality in new and exciting ways. [Read more…]

Culturally Christian

Some holidays are just impossible to escape from. Celebrating Easter doesn’t make anyone less of a Pagan, sometimes it’s just something expected of you. Along with religious obligations there are sometimes family obligations too. [Read more…]

Ramble On: ConVocation & PantheaCon

Two weeks, two festivals. A little bit about ConVocation and PantheaCon, along with what I’ll be rambling about. [Read more…]

My Gods are Gay, My Gods are Straight (And Everything in Between)

My gods are both gay and straight, and everything in between. Their understanding is not limited to just one aspect of sexuality. My gods are powerful because they are inclusive. [Read more…]