Witchcraft is something we feel in our hearts, it’s not something that can be conferred upon another person like a title. Read more

“But he doesn’t have any myth,” I would say when someone asked me about Cernunnos. To myself I’d mutter “How can anyone worship or honor a god who doesn’t have any myths?” The idea just didn’t make sense to me. Read more

Most rituals involving those who have left us are about “letting go” but I’ve never understood this. Why would we need to “let go?” Don’t we love the people we’ve lost just as much as we love those still with us? The souls of the dead should not just be “set aside,” when someone passes. Read more

I found Paganism in fits and starts across fourteen long years, and when I finally did embrace it, my life changed for the better. Read more

Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of just how much I love not just Wiccan-Witchcraft, but plain old Paganism. Read more

I have no axe to grind when it comes to the Summer Sabbats of Midsummer and Lughnassa. I celebrate both of them, and in recent years have tried to even be more conscious of them. But both of them are indeed the ugly ducklings on the Wheel of the Year. Read more

It’s easy to set up shop in one ultra-specific place and then never emerge from it, but I think our Paganisms suffer for it. Read more

I think Wiccan-Witchcraft is a hands on spiritual tradition, and any classes on the subject should reflect that. Read more

We tend to take published rituals for granted today. Between websites, e-books, and bookstores there are probably hundreds of different “Books of Shadows” available for perusal and personal use. But that’s a modern development, and it took nearly twenty years from the Craft first going public for easily available ritual books and BoS’s to become available. In many ways these early books brought the BoS out of the shadows and into the light, though they were not without controversy. Read more

Cleaning a mostly Witchy space isn’t quite like cleaning the bathroom. Read more

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