Lutheran Satire’s Take on Ash Wednesday (A Little Friday Funny)

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In order to really get this video, one must appreciate how truly difficult it is to make Lent funny. I think my favorite line is, “I’m surprised you haven’t heard about this. We invited every member of your church.” …so funny. Happy Friday everybody.   [Read more...]

Ash Wednesday Service Ideas & Why This Day is So Important

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“What good is it to live long when we improve so little? A long life does not always improve us; in fact, it often adds to our problems. Would that we could spend even one day well in this world. Many people count the years of their lives in Christ, but often not much comes [Read More...]

Why Evangelicals Need to Observe Lent


Evangelicals need to observe Lent, in part, because our troubling lack of tradition leaves us untethered from the past. A church without the great traditions of the faith is like a church with amnesia. Rejecting tradition means submitting ourselves and our churches to the tyranny of the relevant, the oligarchy of the innovative, and the arrogance of the avant-garde. [Read More...]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I hate that Fifty Shades of Grey did so well at the box office. It seems to me like a step backward for women. I confess that I think Kurt Busch’s ex-girlfriend was an assassin. I confess that I sometimes act as offensive coordinator for my son while he’s playing Madden 2015. I [Read More...]

Conversations We Should Be Having About War


This is an excerpt of an article that just went up at Onfaith. Conversations We Should Be Having About War American Sniper highlights the disproportionate burden of war carried by combat veterans. by Tim Suttle The release of American Sniper prompted plenty of debate, and a flurry of opinionated speech concerning the past decade of war, [Read More...]

Koch Brothers Pledge $900 Million for 2016 Campaign: Will Rival Both Major Parties’ Spending


When I saw the headline in The New York Times, I felt physically ill: “Koch Brothers’ Budget of $889 Million for 2016 Is on Par With Both Parties’ Spending.” In a bold and blatant move to control the outcome of a national elections, the Koch Brothers are building an old school mob-boss style political machine. Only they’re not [Read More...]

Pastor Punches Kid, but It’s Cool… “There’s Times That Might Be Needed”: A Little Friday Funny


First, let me say that I don’t believe for one minute that this actually happened, at least not in the way that it is described. If it did go down the way he describes it, then it is what you call assault and battery. I watched the clip with a friend who works in youth [Read More...]

Obama’s 2015 State of the Union: Addressing the Biggest Issue of Our Time, Why it Means Everything and Nothing


Wealth inequality is the biggest issue of our time. Immigration reform is coming one way or another. Healthcare has become too popular to completely dismantle. The real issue is that, by next year, the top 1% will possess more of the world’s wealth than the other 99% combined. Addressing carbon emissions and global warming, the ultimate issue, [Read More...]

“@Tim_Suttle Your an idiot”: And Other Favorite Ohio State Buckeye Tweets From the Past Two Days

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The intersection of sports and religion is tricky, and writing about it is bound to tick some people off. But I had no idea… Up until now, the most vitriol I’ve ever experienced from an article I’ve published has been from the Tea Party, after an article I wrote in 2011. The emails from that article were [Read More...]

Was God Urban Meyer’s Inspiration in Running Up The Score?


“Is there a bigger hypocrite in college sports than Urban Meyer?” – Mike Ozanian, Forbes So asks Forbes’ Mike Ozanian the day after the inaugural College Football National Title Game. Leading 35 to 20 with 1:43 left in the game, Ohio State was set to go for it on fourth and one from inside the Oregon five yard [Read More...]