Church Lady Came Back To SNL w/Special Guests: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

The church lady came back to SNL with guest appearances by Ted Cruz and Donald Trump… if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s totally worth watching. Here’s the clip & a few of my favorite lines: [youtube][/youtube] CL: “We’ve landed on the exciting presidential matchup between a godless liberal democrat and Hillary Clinton.” CL to TC: “Was it God’s plan for you to get humilated by an orange mannequin?” CL: “Our final guest today is the presumptive republican divorcée – I mean… Read more

Fixed Hour Prayer Resources: A Few Simple Ways to Pray the Daily Office

Here are a few of the websites and books I’ve used over the years to help me explore the practice of Fixed Hour Prayer. I am usually a late adopter in terms of technology, so although I’ve tried a few apps, I haven’t found anything I recommend yet. Some of the following resources have a corresponding app that you can download, but these are links to online helps and books you can buy. The Audio Version of the Book of… Read more

Ten Great Quotes About Doubt & the Christian Experience

I’ve been thinking about doubt a lot lately, and its central importance in the act of faith. Over the years I’ve come to believe that if you don’t, at one time or another, doubt nearly every aspect of the Christian faith, then you are simply not taking it seriously. Here are a few of my favorite quotes on the essential nature of doubt to the Christian experience:   “Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith…… Read more

Good News for Christmas and Easter Christians (and a little Good Friday funny)

Have you heard the term Chreastians. It’s a mash-up of Christmas-Easter-Christians that refers to those who only go to church on Christmas and Easter. It’s the Christian equivalent to only watching the season opener and the final game of the World Series. Chreastians is a bad word both aesthetically and in it’s derogatory intention. These days I’m glad when anybody shows up to worship no matter what day it is – so the good news for our Christmas and Easter friends is that we won’t… Read more

What Do the Terrorists Really Want?

Rational, sane, compassionate people who come face to face with the unthinkable violence of Muslim extremist terrorists have to be asking themselves what are these people after? What do they want? What can they possibly think they are accomplishing? The very best answer I’ve found to these questions, at least as they relate to ISIS sponsored terrorism, comes from an article that ran in The Atlantic earlier this year called “What ISIS Really Wants.” The first premise of the article… Read more

I Am Busy Because I Am Vain – A Final Argument for Engaging in Lenten Disciplines

“I am busy because I am vain. I want to appear important. Significant. What better way than to be busy? The incredible hours, the crowded schedule, and the heavy demands on my time are proof to myself – and to all who will notice – that I am important.” – Eugene Peterson   I am convinced that one of the most powerful reasons that most of us choose busyness over rest is that we think busy equals important. We choose chronic… Read more

Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry: 10 Great Quotes from a Masterpiece

“You have been given questions to which you cannot be given answers. You will have to live them out – perhaps a little at a time.” “To love anything good, at any cost, is a bargain.” “I could die in peace, I think, if the world was beautiful. To know it’s being ruined is hard.” “Christ did not come to found an organized religion but… to found an unorganized one.” “Faith is not necessarily, or not soon, a resting place…. Read more

It’s Never Too Late to Start Observing Lent

As we near the halfway point of the season of Lent it occurs to me that among the Christians who have no observance of lent, there might be more than a few who feel a little bit left out. What does one do if their church pays no attention to the season of lent? My advice would be to simply pick a lenten practice of your own and start in. There may also be a group of people who intended to observe lent,… Read more

Did the Koch Brothers Just Pick a Candidate?

On the list of the richest people in America, Charles and David Koch stand tied for 5th, each sitting on top of a $41 billion fortune. If you counted them together their $82 billion would easily win them first place, besting Bill Gates by over $6 billion. Bill and Melinda Gates have pledged, and are in the process of giving away nearly all of their fortune to charity. The Koch brothers have pledged to spend $900 million electing the presidential candidate who can… Read more

The First Full Week of Lent: The Aggravation of Self-Denial

This week is when you really set the tone for lent. The “new” has probably worn off your lenten commitments by now, and all that’s left is the aggravation of self-denial. I spent the weekend at a basketball tournament watching my kids devour candy and milkshakes. It was brutal. I am so spoiled. Thank heavens we never fast on Sundays. I think I put myself dangerously close to a sugar coma yesterday binging on chocolate and calling it resurrection. I can… Read more