About Lupa Greenwolf

Pagan author, artist, amateur naturalist and wannabe polymath. More info on all of the above and more at http://www.thegreenwolf.com

More Devotional Practices For Naturalist Pagans


Inspired by another writer’s blog post, Lupa Greenwolf offers her own four devotional practices for naturalist pagans. [Read more...]

Final Harvest


Lupa Greenwolf meditates on the changing of the seasons, and how her supper marks the transition of summer into autumn. [Read more...]

Love Letters To My Ancestors – III


Lupa Greenwolf addresses her third and final Samhain love letter to those she will be an ancestor to someday, voicing both regret and hope for the future she will leave for others. [Read more...]

Love Letters To My Ancestors – II


Lupa Greenwolf addresses her second love letter to her non-human ancestors, those all too often forgotten in human rites. [Read more...]

Love Letters To My Ancestors – I


Lupa Greenwolf marks this Samhain season–and an interfaith collaboration–with the first of three love letters to her ancestors, starting with her human ancestors. [Read more...]

The Theft of Fallen Leaves


Lupa Greenwolf tells a story about the leaves of a very special tree, and why it’s best to leave the leaves alone this fall! [Read more...]