About Lupa Greenwolf

Pagan author, artist, amateur naturalist and wannabe polymath. More info on all of the above and more at http://www.thegreenwolf.com

Why I Chose to Work on A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment


Lupa Greenwolf was one of the writers of the controversial A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment. Why did she choose to be a part of this project? [Read more...]

What Good is (Nature-Based) Paganism?


My spirituality is in this world. Not some other spiritual realm, not a promised afterlife. It’s in the only life I know that I have for sure, this one of sinews and stones and seagulls. And even if I have nothing more after I die, I have the legacy I leave for those who will undoubtedly come after I’m gone. [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Cherry Blossoms


The beauty of Spring cherry blossoms. [Read more...]

The Pagan Ape


We are Homo sapiens sapiens, the last human ape. But what does that mean in our current environmental crisis–and what does it say about us as pagans? [Read more...]

Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud


Lupa Greenwolf has been experiencing a warm, sunny winter–and it’s not cause to celebrate. [Read more...]

This World is Sacred, Too


Let this world be sacred, too. Let us not see it as a flawed version of some paradise; let us not seek to leave it too soon or–worse yet–tear it down in the hopes of manifesting its perfect cousin. [Read more...]