Video Interview #1: The Evolution of Adam

Here is the first video interview done by Brazos Press for The Evolution of Adam.

No, this was not filmed in a bunker, but in a hotel in San Francisco in November while I was in town for the annual geek fest men in tweed Bible scholar conference, Society of Biblical Literature.

  • Norman


    Just to let you know I’m pushing your book at a site that I interface on and often write articles discussing subjects similar to your new book. Possibly you and some of the readers might like to take a look at the article and postings that are starting to revolve around your book. I’ve asked the responders to hopefully read the book before interfacing too much as responders often just jump in full of opinions not based upon the subject matter.

    This site is a little more theologically inclined than Biologos and Jesus Creed and often we get a better theological conversation because of the depth of scriptural background that many bring; but not always. 😉

    Here is the link:

    By the way I’m using my article to spell out some areas of difference I have but keep in mind that I pretty well agree with significant sections of your approach. Just a little tweaking you might say. :)

  • mark wauck

    I haven’t read the book yet–my brother’s reading it now–but here’s my take on Romans 5:12. Paul is simply describing the human condition: all men have sinned, beginning with the first man; all are sinful and unable to rise above our human condition without God’s help. Clearly, Paul is using imagery from the Israelite scriptures to address our experience that we fall short of what God wants us to be; Paul is not attempting to make a scientific statement on human origins per se. Sin entered the world when the first man (metaphor) sinned, and it remains in the world because all men–both Jews who had the Torah and Gentiles who had the testimony of God’s creation–have continued to sin through their free choice. This is the human condition, since God could no more create a perfect human nature incapable of sin than he could create a square circle–only God is infinite and perfect being. God in Jesus mercifully offers us a means for dealing with our human condition which we could never achieve on our own. I believe this understanding is compatible with either a “traditional” or an evolutionary view of human origins. Just not with fundamentalist ideology.