Video #2, The Evolution of Adam: On Modern People Reading Ancient Texts

Here is the link to the next video of me droning on and on about my book, The Evolution of Adam. My topic here is the issue of what modern readers have the right to expect from an ancient text.

open letter to the apostle Paul from a concerned reader
one big reason why so many young people are giving up on the Bible--and their faith
What I think about NOMA (not the ex-Red Sox shortstop but the evolution thing)
brief Bible thought: is there resurrection from the dead in the Old Testament?
  • James

    An important key to understanding Paul, as N.T. Wright so eloquently explains, is his passion to induct Gentiles into the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Just as sin and death enter the human race through Adam, the quintessential “man,” so righteousness and eternal life reign through “one man,” Jesus Christ–the new Adam, head of a new race, composed of people of all races. So, the “drone” is right–Paul is not concerned about the origin of Adam but the resurrected Christ of whom death producing Adam is the anti-type.