I Have Conquered Canada: My Interview on The Drew Marshall Show

The Drew Marshall Show is “Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show,” though probably not any more: last week they interviewed me.

All kidding aside, this was a fun 15 minutes and I hope to be invited back so I can pontificate further on Evangelicalism’s failure to offer a convincing explanatory paradigm, the problem of divine violence in the OT, and perhaps have a chance to dislodge the shoe from my mouth.

Drew Marshall show, 3-9-13

  • Anon

    Aaaaargh. Why did it have to end after 30 minutes:-). I loved the questions you were setting up, I want to hear the answers.

    As for the doctrine of disbelief, I agree entirely. In Mark 9:24, the boy’s father said “I do believe. Help me in my unbelief”. That’s me! lots to learn about and think through, I’m glad Mark saw fit to include the man’s struggle.

    But, when you raise the issue of the vindictive God, it’s like opening up a wound without rebandaging it. I feel I have an open wound on this one, and no answer in sight – I need closure to keep my faith. It makes me think that the OT has nothing to do with God at all, but are just stories told from the perspective of people living in that time. Not much different than the Iliad or what Harry Potter will be in 1,500 years. Was God involved in the OT, or is it just stories? I really respect your opinion. Do you believe that God had any role in the stories in the OT, or are they simply “just so stories”?

    • Steve

      I’m currently struggling with this too. You’re not alone. Apparently Greg Boyd is about to release a book on this and claims to have resolved this dilemma. I have doubts that he is going to have resolved this to my own satisfaction though.

      Currently I see many of these stories as mythological with some spiritual significance since modern day archaeology doesn’t support some of them.

      • Jim

        Agree with both you and Anon. I’m going to look at a few free lectures available on line by Prof Christine Hayes. Has anyone gone through her stuff/books, recommendations?

    • http://all-thought-is-practical.blogspot.com Scott Coulter

      Re: the violence and vindictiveness of God and God’s role in the OT stories: I’m not at all sure this is a *satisfying* answer, or counts as a *resolution*–even speaking for myself–and I wouldn’t want to purport I knew what would satisfy others.
      But, for me, I try to begin with Jesus. Locating myself within my tradition (which is hardly a standpoint of infallibility, but I have to stand somewhere), it seems my reason for discomfort and criticism of the violence of the OT is my belief (rooted in my understanding of the NT) that God is most fully revealed in Jesus. Jesus is (theoretically, and I hope practically more and more) at the center of my religious pacifism (I’m Mennonite). When I face the question: “What does God have to do with the OT?” or “What does the OT have to do with God?” I’m talking about the God revealed in Jesus. Now, it seems evident to me that the Jesus I see in the NT draws much of the essence of his message, practice, conception of God, etc. on the Hebrew scriptures he knew. The disciples of Jesus and the early Christians (those who authored the NT writings) interpreted their experience of Jesus through the Hebrew scriptures, as well as interpreting the Hebrew scriptures through their experience of Jesus. You just can’t understand, say, the significance of the resurrection of Jesus, or of the parable of the lost son, without the OT. So, there is continuity between the God I know in Jesus and the OT. I can’t just jettison the OT, even while it gives me pause.
      Again, this is a starting point, not a resolution.

  • http://jesuswithoutbaggage.wordpress.com/ Tim Chastain

    Hi Peter,
    I like your work and I am glad you recieved this exposure. Good interview!

  • justin

    Peter, I loved that interview. Please do more audios!!

  • http://relevancy22.blogspot.com/ Russ

    excellent. you took the geekiness out of biblical studies.

  • eric kunkel

    I liked it.


  • Jim

    You haven’t really conquered Canada unless you are drinking beer during the interview.

  • http://dpitch40.blogspot.com David P

    Fantastic interview, I kept finding myself saying, “Yes, yes!” to your points. Questioning evangelical culture, theology of doubt, and relating the Old and New Testaments are things I continue to engage with personally and on my own blog, and I really love how you speak to them here.