Biblical Accounts of Origins: Slideshow 4 from Denis Lamoureux

Today we continue Denis Lamoureux’s series of brief slideshows on his popular book I Love Jesus & I Accept EvolutionIn the previous three slideshows, Lamoureux covered chapters 1 and 2, chapter 3, and a supplement to chapter 4 where he looked at the sources of Genesis.

Today’s lesson covers chapter 4 of his book, “Biblical Accounts of Origins.” Lamoureux covers the stylistic and perspectival differences between Genesis 1 and 2, the importance of the role of story (rather than straight history) in biblical theology, and other matters.

Lamoureux is associate professor of science and religion at St. Joseph’s College in the University of Alberta. He holds three earned doctoral degrees—dentistry, theology, and biology–which uniquely qualifies him to speak to the issue of human origins and Christian faith. He gets the science, he gets the hermeneutics, and he articulates both clearly for non-specialists (full bio here).

I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution is a great introduction to his view of origins called “evolutionary creation.” For those of you who are beyond the beginner’s stage, you can read his much thicker book Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution.

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