The Work of His Hands: A reflection on Psalm 19:2

© 2013 Phil Fox Rose — Deadly nightshade, Central Park, NYC

Today’s daily meditation in Living Faith is one of mine. In the last reflection, I spoke about idols of silver and gold being “the handiwork of men.” (Psalm 115:3-4) Today’s reading is:

The heavens declare the glory of God;
and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.

– Psalm 19:2

Here’s part of my reflection:

Psalm 19 — part of the Jewish Sabbath morning service and considered by many the most beautiful psalm — proclaims the glory of God in creation, which we can see all around us, then transitions into praising the workings of God’s law for us. Having been raised atheist, my own spiritual journey paralleled this: I first encountered God in nature, then grew to recognize God’s power and order throughout my life… This coming spring weekend, you can be certain I will be spending time outdoors encountering the work of his hands.

Please read my full reflection here.

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