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An Open Letter to the Romney Skeptics

Dear Mitt Romney skeptics, and especially my fellow evangelicals, Do you remember how it felt when the economy began to implode in those anxious, waning months of 2008?  We were coming down to the wire in the election contest, and the candidates we had to choose between were Barack Obama and John McCain.  Given the [Read More…]

Don’t Fall For “Myth Romney”

This morning I sat down to write a letter to the Mitt skeptics, especially my fellow evangelicals.  Yet it proved a nettlesome task.  There are so many misconceptions about Mitt, the field is so littered with attacks and misinformation, that one has to clear the field of the falsehoods before one can forge ahead and [Read More…]

Guest Post: Ravi Zacharias on “Evicting the Sacred” at Christmas

I’d like to feature more guest posts at Philosophical Fragments, and here on the eve of Christmas I get to start that off with a bang.  Chuck Colson has called Dr. Zacharias “the great evangelist of our time.”  He’s the founder and CEO of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries; he has preached the gospel and lectured [Read More…]

WAR HORSE: The Best Film About a Horse That Does More Than Run in Circles?

In War Horse, a sweeping epic that follows an extraordinary stallion from rural England across a mortar-strewn Europe in the midst of the Great War, Steven Spielberg reminds us once again why we love to go to the movies. While other films are filled with dehumanizing special effects and desperately hip editorial gimmickry, Spielberg delivers a grand story [Read More…]

Bush Hatred Prevails Over Obama Love

A presidency that began with such hope and optimism, and such astronomical approval and support, may well end in the utter collapse of the modern liberal program. I’m sure that sounds like an overstatement, and perhaps it is.  2012 will be no cakewalk for Republicans, and they’re fully capable of bungling the opportunity history has [Read More…]