Daily Fragments: Encouragement, the Power of Labels, Corporate Responsbility, Understanding Faith

Daily Fragments for 10/11/2012:


Sausages, Pancakes and Encouragement: “Fussing. That’s what he did. He fussed over Mama. In a good way. In that way of people who love their jobs and love the people they serve.”

The Danger of Sexual Labeling: “These labels we give each other take all the nuances that are our sexuality and turn them into a label we’re then told to wear, as if this action, or that longing is who we are.  This is what flames shame, and hence non-confession, and hence hypocrisy.”

Companies Need to Take a Stand: “We have no trouble laying the heavy hand of our moral judgements on things like how some little old lady casts her vote, but we can’t seem to wrap our minds around the idea that corporate policies that kill, maim and enslave millions of innocent people might be subject to moral demands as well.”

The Way of Faith: “…the way of faith–in which the person considers the claims of religion and questions them intelligently and sympathetically and then decides to move forward despite the difficulties in order to understand more fully–having come to realize that one believes in order to fully understand–one does not understand fully in order to believe.”


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