Breakfast Links for 11/29/12: Marijuana Myths; The One-Word You; Missing Spending Cuts


Adrian Warnock, Patheos/Adrian Warnock: “Entitlement is really another word for pride. It simply means “I deserve better.”

Peter Suderman, Fiscal Cliff Leverage

Owen Strachan, Patheos/Idea Life: Marijuana Myths

Michael Tanner, National Review Online: The Missing Spending Cuts

Eric Teetsel, Patheos/Manhattan Project: “Tim vacillated between acceptance of his sexual inclinations and the greater calling of his faith for years before finally finding rest in the decision to let Jesus be enough. That arduous journey was made much, much more difficult by voices from within the Church encouraging him to embrace his inclination to homosexuality.”

Melissa Steffan, Christianity Today: Abortion Rate Hits 10 Year Low

Daniel Harrell, Patheos/Cultivare: “What is it about Lincoln? How is it possible for a man of such humble origins and self-learned abilities to emerge as arguably the greatest leader the world (or at least America) has ever experienced?”

Vivienne Walt, Time: Revolutions Fueled by Fuel

Bill Blankschaen, Patheos/Bill In the Blanks: “If we are what we think, we need to remember that what we think is determined by the words spoken to us, even by ourselves. What is the one word that best describes you? And are you courageous enough to share it?”




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