Breakfast Links for 12/19/12 – Death, Mortality and Sandy Hook; Mary and Abortion; Expectations and Testing


Frank Viola, Patheos/Frank Viola: “Jesus did not meet John’s expectations. If you’ve not met that side of God yet, you will. He will not always meet your expectations. And when that day comes, faith gets tested.”

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, USA TODAY: Gun-Free Zones and False Security

Tim Dalrymple, Patheos/Philosophical Fragments: “I believe that God feels the same “NO!” that I do, and he hated death’s promise of permanency with such enormous intensity that he went to the cross to make death a liar — to steal its “victory,” so that death could bring us to him instead of taking us away.”

Adam Lankford, NY Times: What Drives Suicidal Mass Killers

Richard Dahlstrom, Patheos/Fibonacci Faith: “When is someone going to take Jesus’ commitment to life seriously enough in this ostensibly Christian nation to address both sides of this equation and begin protecting life in the womb, and life in the schoolroom or the mall?”

Jeffrey Weiss, Real Clear Religion: Peter Jackson Doesn’t Get the Hobbit

Joel J. Miller, Patheos/Joel J. Miller: “Comets and conflagrations. Wars and their rumors. We’re always looking to the end. We are obsessed with it. Not that we don’t have cause. Christians see it in the scripture. We confess it in the creed. But obsession with the eschaton is as unbiblical as it is unhelpful.”

Mark H. Creech, Christian Post Opinion: What If Mary Had Known About Abortion?

Mark Barnes, Patheos/Bad Catholic: “We were all of us displaced, if only for a moment, cloaked in the terrifying thought that if this is reality, I want nothing to do with it. If this is my home, I’d rather be homeless. If this is the human experience, I respectfully return my ticket.”


About Timothy Dalrymple

Timothy Dalrymple was raised in non-denominational evangelical congregations in California. The son and grandson of ministers, as a young boy he spent far too many hours each night staring at the ceiling and pondering the afterlife.
In all his work he seeks a better understanding of why people do, and do not, come to faith, and researches and teaches in religion and science, faith and reason, theology and philosophy, the origins of atheism, Christology, and the religious transformations of suffering