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Lending a whole new meaning to the phrase “trick or treat.”‘

Trick or treat!" It used to be something that kids dressed in goofy, often homemade costumes, used to say as doors opened on their Halloween romps. From the looks of some new costumes and fashion trends for girls, it may be more of a proposition the girls are making, as if to give someone an option..."Trick? or treat?"The Washington Post has this article detailing the new trend in skimpy, sexed up costumes for girls. From the looks of it, the costume manufacturers ought to be providing signs … [Read more...]

Not so far from the tree?

Fashion bullies. When people talk about the problems that children and young people have, there seems to be a sense in which those problems are isolated or if they had nothing to do with the adults (parents, teachers, etc.) in their lives.Today's WSJ has an article about the increase in bullying among girls, apparently driven by fashion. The fashion bullies mock other students who aren't dressed in the latest, greatest fashion. There's a lot of head shaking going on, but how … [Read more...]

Just in case you thought tuitions are too high…

For a long time, I've wondered how tuitions can be so high when many colleges and universities have amazingly huge endowments. Now I know.They're not spending any part of the endowment, not even the parts that are not marked for specific purposes. So instead of helping students and families afford a good education, schools continue to increase tuition, thereby increasing the debt load for students and their families.Lynne Munson has an excellent piece in USA Today detailing how colleges … [Read more...]

On CNN – The Vatican was right

Recently, I was on CNN to discuss the Vatican's suspension of Msgr. Stenico.Until an investigation is completed, there's no way to know exactly what happened. Until then, the Vatican is only following professional norms in suspending Msgr. Stenico from his job. In the meantime, some people are turning this into a "gay" issue. But the issue at hand is the inproper use of one's job and office. And critics forget that all priests are required to be celibate regardless of their sexual orientation … [Read more...]

Reasonable Doubt

op-ed by Jonah GoldbergLet's face it, the argument for being pro-life aren't always crystal clear to everybody. But it's precisely the certitude that we lack that should make us think twice about being pro-choice.','Jonah Goldberg has a great piece making precisely this point in yesterday's  LA Times. For too long, the basis of the pro-choice position, as codified by Roe v. Wade, has been "well we don't know what it [the fetus] is; so you can do whatever you like with it." Yet most reasonable … [Read more...]

Bill Cosby = Dr. Huxtable; Dr. Huxtable = Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was on Meet The Press this weekend to discuss his new book with Tim Russert. He made some excellent points about fatherhood, the importance of families with a mother and father. Usually it's "social conservatives" who talk about the importance of family. It's good to see Bill Cosby and his coauthor Harvard professor Alvin Poussaint discussing the realities that make up a healthy family, a healthy society, and in turn healthy individuals. You can watch the interview online by clicking … [Read more...]