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Janet Smith Weighs In On Dawn Eden’s Critique of Christopher West

Dr. Janet Smith has just had published a response to Dawn Eden's critique of Christopher West. I think it's worth the time to read it as she clarifies some very important points and raises some fair questions.No doubt this debate will continue. But I really do wonder about all the energy that has been spent critiquing West. Fine, he's not to everyone's liking. De gustibus non est dispuntandum. In matters of taste/preference, there is no dispute. We have different types of spirituality, … [Read more...]

How much do Catholics know? Not much.

A new Pew Forum study surveys people of different religious beliefs to find out what they know about different various beliefs. Turns out Catholics don't even know much about their own faith. Dismaying, but not surprising, I guess. This NYT article contains a link to the study.Kudos to the atheists and agnostics who at least know what it is that they don't believe. Can't fault them for a lack of intellectual honesty. … [Read more...]

Soldiers Voices

I don't normally weigh in on military matters, but in response to a recent PBS Newshour segment, I decided to do so since I have a vested interest. Basically, if our audiences are too fragile to hear an f-bomb, then they certainly lack the ability to stomach the real wounding and maiming of our troops. And while we're at it, such reports are heavily biased, short on context, and deeply hurtful to our troops and their families. My brother was killed two years ago today in Afghanistan. This type … [Read more...]