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Now that JP2 is being beatified, why not clear his name?

So the past week or so has seen a bit of controversy surrounding the beatification of Pope John Paul II. My question: Why doesn't the Vatican use this time as an opportunity to clear his name with regard to the sex abuse crisis? Read more here. … [Read more...]

The Woman Who Gave Directions To Popes

I once had a private tour of part of the apostolic palace (Vatican) and when I was shown a private chapel sometimes used by the Vatican State Department. (I think the frescoes may have been done by Michelangelo, but I haven't been able to verify it.) Anyway, one of the frescoes features a depiction of St. Catherine of Siena telling Pope Gregory XI to leave Avignon, where a succession of Popes had been for almost 70 years, and get back to Rome. My guide made wry comment about that being one of … [Read more...]

Catholic Roots of the Site of Royal Wedding

Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of the royal wedding. Maybe it's simply because I'm not British. I am, however, attracted to it insofar as it's a spectacle which offers plenty of fodder for commentary. [ e.g, why they're spending a fortune (roughly just a little more than the average price of three weddings in the US) to turn Westminster Abbey into an indoor forest.]But there are more interesting topics. Msgr. Campion has a recent article in Our Sunday Visitor discussing the Catholic history … [Read more...]

Holy Thursday, The Drama Of Life, And Unity.

Holy Thursday is an amazing feast and celebration for Catholics. Too often, it gets eclipsed by somber tone of Lent and the impending remembrance of Christ’s suffering and death.Read more here. … [Read more...]

“What in the hell is wrong with us?”

There's a great article by LZ Granderson, a writer for and ESPN. It also goes hand in glove with a recent piece I wrote. Most of the time when we have articles about modesty and young girls, it's a white gal like myself or a mom like Jennifer Moses. Granderson is a father and he's a black man. Guess what folks? We're all saying the same thing. This has nothing to do with race or gender or any other social demographic. It's about common sense: parents need to be parents, not … [Read more...]

Update On Seattle

Just wrote a wrap-up on the weekend protest of the local 40 Days For Life vigil. Read more here. … [Read more...]