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Give This Woman A Medal.

Seriously.Lou Xiaoying, an 88-year-old Chinese woman is credited with¬†saving the lives of 30 children she found in dumpsters over the past forty years. Her work as a rubbish collector put her in the right place at the right time. Her generosity should inspire us all.But this story should also be used to highlight the atrocity of forced abortion in China, a story that seems to be gaining traction these days. I, for one, never thought I'd see a headline like¬†"Forced abortions, broken h … [Read more...]

“Fifty Shades of Grey.” More Like Fifty Types of Denial.

I've received several questions via email about a new erotic trilogy called Fifty Shades of Grey, a story about a young college woman (and a virgin) who enters into a contract with a businessman whereby he has total control of her life while she participates in a submissive sexual relationship with him. The book takes place in Seattle (my current hometown) and involves explicit descriptions of sexual encounters including bondage and S&M.Apparently, it's become quite a hit and women … [Read more...]