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“All I want for Christmas is a family.”

The Telegraph, a UK news publication, reports that the top ten things that children put on their Christmas lists, included siblings and a dad. The number one gift children requested was a baby brother or sister. But it's their number ten request that speaks volumes: a dad. In my book, that's something that a child shouldn't have to put on a Christmas list. That should be a given, no pun intended.And yet, the fact that a sibling and a dad ranked so high on wish-lists gives me great hope. Even … [Read more...]

What does Sandy Hook have to do with abortion?

On Friday, we were all shocked and stunned to hear of the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. It was an unspeakable crime.Every time I see a headline of human tragedy, particularly involving large numbers of innocent people, I can't help putting it in the context of abortion. There's a noon Mass that I sometimes frequent and one of the attendees, when asked to share additional prayers for the faithful, always reminds us to pray for the 3,000 innocent, unprotected, unborn babies who will be … [Read more...]