Road to Recovery…and a Higher Power

Pop Theology contributor Richard Lindsay offers a review of Eminem's new album, Recovery.  It's the first review of a rap album here at Pop Theology.  Let's see how it goes after the jump. … [Read more...]

A Prophetic Fame

Though at only 176 pages it might seem like a short novel, Daniel Kehlmann's Fame is one of the more prophetic books that I have read in quite some time.  And by prophetic, one could equally refer to the dual actions a of "describing the present" and "predicting the future."  Kehlmann deftly exposes our relationship with technology, its effects on our relationships with one another, and our desires for more out of life, be that a second life/chance or to live in storied infamy. … [Read more...]

What If…? What a Guilt Trip

There are a few things to admire about What If..., the latest in church-backed feature-length films, but unfortunately, plot isn't one of them.  Most certainly inspired by It's a Wonderful Life, the film takes the alternative universe premise and plays with it in some really odd and confounding ways. … [Read more...]

Something Like a Phenomenon

The fact that video game industry revenue has surpassed $19 billion dollars and that one on-line game commands a following of over 8 million people certainly constitutes a phenomenon.  Yet until recently, few scholars, and even fewer theologians, have taken the initiative to critically engage the medium.  Far more prevalent are the critics who either primarily focus on a game's entertainment value (which essentially serves retail) or those critics who bemoan the presence of sex and violence in i … [Read more...]

Confessing a Story

When I get around to creating my list of the most spiritually significant films of 2010, Get Low will certainly be included and will most likely top the list.  My review of one of the best films you're likely to see this year after the jump. … [Read more...]

A Review of "Movie Love: The Complete Reviews of Pauline Kael, 1988-1991"

Pop Theology contributor Richard Lindsay provides a review of a collection of one of the most (in)famous film critics of all time, Pauline Kael. … [Read more...]

Demon Possession or Something Else?

My research into Contemporary Christian Cinema keeps turning up more and more films, many of which were straight to DVD releases.  Here are my thoughts on the latest one I've watched. … [Read more...]

Letters to God…Pornographic?

Possibility Pictures is one of the more recent Christian film production studios to emerge in a Post-Sherwood Pictures world.  Their first feature-length film, Letters to God, released in theaters earlier this year, and the DVD hit shelves earlier this month.  I think it's time to create a new genre:  Christian Pornography. … [Read more...]