Not So Fast Hollywood…

An interesting article from yesterday's London Times on the Vatican's response to the filming of the new Dan Brown film, Angels and Demons.  I guess stage construction crews just got a bit busier.Vatican bans Dan Brown film Angels & Demons from Rome churches … [Read more...]


I've been surprised (pleasantly) by two summer movies thus far. I've already written about and continually sing praises to Iron Man. On a whim, I recently went to see Kung Fu Panda with a couple of friends. It's not that I had low expectations...I didn't really have any at all. I just knew that it had maintained a sufficiently high rating on the tomameter since its release. Turns out, Kung Fu Panda was funny from start to finish with good animation, great voice acting, and the requisite … [Read more...]


I don't care if Rosario Dawson is your favorite actress or if you think she is the greatest actress in the history of stage and screen. I will hardly ever be this vehement on this website, but DO NOT WATCH Descent. You can, by all means, watch The Descent, but for the sake of all that is good and holy, DO NOT WATCH Descent. I am a huge Rosario Dawson fan, but even my affinity for her could not convince me that it is not one of the worst films ever made...if not THE worst. … [Read more...]


Things around Pop Theology have been somewhat lax over the past few weeks with end of the semester deadlines and a trip overseas. Now, with all that behind, you can expect more frequent posts. To celebrate (belatedly) the re-vamping of the website, I am giving away a copy of Tim Cawkwell's The Filmgoer's Guide to God. Read on for a review of the book. For those who respond with a comment about a film that revealed something about God to them, I will randomly select a response and send off a … [Read more...]

Bad Movie Monday Turned Good

I've been keeping up with Bad Movie Monday viewing, even if I haven't been faithful in writing about it, save for my recent post on Bella. Last week, I took a shot on First Sunday, the latest in post-Friday spin-offs. First Sunday takes the urban comedy, a la Barbershop, and adds a heavy religious flair. Much to my surprise, it actually works, and bears out a rather progressive theological message. … [Read more...]

Entertainment Theology…

Towards the end of his latest book, Entertainment Theology: New-Edge Spirituality in a Digital Democracy, Barry Taylor offers a “new attitude” toward the process of doing theology. Recognizing the harmful “God-talk” that has preceded and continues to surround Christianity today, he writes, “At first, I was tempted to recommend a theology of silence, because I fear we have spoken too much.” Thank God he did not. Taylor’s Entertainment Theology is one of the most insightful analyses of contemporar … [Read more...]

The Biggest Surprise…

While it is certainly too early to declare the best summer blockbuster (has summer even begun yet?), it might not be too early to talk about what is surely the biggest surprise of the year. Over two weeks have passed since the release of Iron Man, and it has retained an over 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and taken in significantly more millions in ticket sales, not to mention merchandise. With Marvel Studios banking on a "second-tier" superhero for their first independent release, and a heroic … [Read more...]

Digital Video Devotions

This latest post is something of a 2-for-1.  Read on for my reflections on the sacredness of film and check out the featured video of selected film clips that I recently put together. … [Read more...]