Bad Movie Monday Turned Good

I've been keeping up with Bad Movie Monday viewing, even if I haven't been faithful in writing about it, save for my recent post on Bella. Last week, I took a shot on First Sunday, the latest in post-Friday spin-offs. First Sunday takes the urban comedy, a la Barbershop, and adds a heavy religious flair. Much to my surprise, it actually works, and bears out a rather progressive theological message. … [Read more...]

Entertainment Theology…

Towards the end of his latest book, Entertainment Theology: New-Edge Spirituality in a Digital Democracy, Barry Taylor offers a “new attitude” toward the process of doing theology. Recognizing the harmful “God-talk” that has preceded and continues to surround Christianity today, he writes, “At first, I was tempted to recommend a theology of silence, because I fear we have spoken too much.” Thank God he did not. Taylor’s Entertainment Theology is one of the most insightful analyses of contemporar … [Read more...]

The Biggest Surprise…

While it is certainly too early to declare the best summer blockbuster (has summer even begun yet?), it might not be too early to talk about what is surely the biggest surprise of the year. Over two weeks have passed since the release of Iron Man, and it has retained an over 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and taken in significantly more millions in ticket sales, not to mention merchandise. With Marvel Studios banking on a "second-tier" superhero for their first independent release, and a heroic … [Read more...]

Digital Video Devotions

This latest post is something of a 2-for-1.  Read on for my reflections on the sacredness of film and check out the featured video of selected film clips that I recently put together. … [Read more...]


Ah, the break-up. An inevitable part of the human experience often causing some sort of mental, emotional, or spiritual damage. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of the funnier break up movies of late. Sometime Pop Theology contributor Wendy Arce has absolutely fallen in love with it to the tune of four viewings. I'm glad she's put the love to good use. Read on for her review. … [Read more...]

Hey Look, It's Jesus…

Throughout last year, I came across several articles that referenced the spate of pro-life films flooding cinemas. From Juno to Knocked Up to Waitress, pro-lifers were finding some unwitting partners in a variety of cinematic genres. One of these films, Bella, ran for quite some time in cinemas across the country. I heard and read mixed reviews, none of the negatives would stand in the way of a free Redbox Wednesday rental (I don't know what happened to Monday). I really wanted to like this … [Read more...]

West Side Story at 51

Pop Theology is back and getting better than ever. I still have a few aesthetic and technical wrinkles to iron out (specifically finally getting some images up), but other than that, I hope you enjoy the new layout. The first post since the reconstruction is a great review of a recent screening of West Side Story by new, hopefully frequent, Pop Theology contributor Richard Lindsay. Check out his bio in the contributors page. … [Read more...]

Pardon Our Progress…

Whenever I see that sign at ongoing construction sites, I think, "How condescending." Well, now I'm forced to eat my words and put up a "Pardon Our Progress" sign of my own. I've just found a new theme for poptheology that I really like and will be taking the weekend and the first part of next week to tweak the presentation and update the categories. Many thanks to davec for all his help. … [Read more...]