A Decade of Thank You Notes

Elizabeth asked…in a couple hundred words or less to tell of the cloud of witnesses by the “testimony of their lives and the sharing of their understanding” that have brought us to our faith today. Seriously!? In 200 words or less?

Imagine if you will the seed pod of a milkweed. The pod contains hundreds of ripened seeds of faith that float on the Breath of God into our lives. The delicate seeds don’t land all at once, they don’t germinate at the same time, and some travel great distances before they reach the soil of our souls. Once rooted, that seed of faith grows…and spreads exponentially, if you’ve ever seen a field of milkweeds!

So how do I thank the hundreds of witnesses in my life? How do I choose a favorite flower? Which seed set the greater root? Was the first seeding more fruitful than the fiftieth?

I would need a decade to write thank you notes to every soul that touched mine; from the impaired woman at church who tried to wipe my nose when I was three to the 86 year old mother of a friend who the other day offered prayers. They each in some way gave a gratuitous gift and I am grateful to all who have brought me closer to God.

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