Love through a Mist


This video came to me via Facebook of childhood sweethearts, Bill and Glad, as they journey with Alzheimer’s: …and my soul recognized a love above all loves. Now, go hug your sweetie.   (Thanks to Maggie, there is a follow-up video, too. What a lovely love.)   [Read more...]

School Bans Christmas Music


This just makes me sad…the idiocy of it all. Todd Stames shares his views on a New Jersey school’s decision.  “The angels will not be allowed to hark their herald nor will the little Lord Jesus sleep on the hay after a New Jersey school district announced a ban on all religious Christmas music.” How [Read More...]

This is for the Birds: Practical Gardening Series

Charlie Harper, Bird Feeders, 2008

Feeding the birds during the winter is an activity a lot of people delight in. Through the years, I’ve picked up several feeder tips on how to attend to the needs of birds and deter marauding squirrels. Here are just a few… Larger bird feeders are a convenience—you don’t have to fill them as often [Read More...]

Thursday’s Prayer for Priests

holy spirit window

O my  Jesus, I beg you on behalf of the whole Church, grant it love and the  light of your Spirit and give power to the words of priests so that  hardened hearts might be brought to repentance and return to you, O  Lord. Lord, give us holy priests. You yourself maintain them in holiness. O Divine [Read More...]

Pumpkins in Literature Costumes


Now this is just plain fun! From Better World Books, the 10 best literary pumpkins. And its not too late…if you want a pumpkin carving pattern, Stoneykins has a lot!         [Read more...]

A Walk through the Garden

lavender and maple

The Lavender plant and its flower represent love and devotion. Lavender flowers are also associated with purity, silence, and caution. The leaves from a Maple tree symbolize “to be reserved.” Many of our saints were filled with those qualities. What a lovely reminder of their lives, spoken in the language of flowers, as we approach the celebrations of All [Read More...]

Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns


  Precious Jesus, hear our prayers for our Sisters and Nuns. Strengthen them in their hope and increase their confidence of what is unseen. Grant that they will continue to progress in your love and that all their endeavors done in your name succeed for the good of all they serve. Amen [Read more...]

Vibrancy and Dormancy


I’d driven to an area where Sandhill Cranes often stop to rest during their winter migration. Not too far away was an open and dry fen dressed in its autumn blonde and gold. At its lowest point a small brook meanders past poplars, scrubby shrubs, and wild grasses. This little tributary turns into a full [Read More...]

Thursday’s Prayer for Priests


Most loving Jesus and our Lord, who have redeemed the world at the price of your Most Precious Blood, look mercifully on poor mankind, which in a greater part, lies in the darkness of error and in the shadow of death.  Shine on it the fullness of the light of truth. Multiply, Lord, the apostles [Read More...]

A Walk through the Gardens

burning bush 1

A light frost tats the edges of  leaves…                 …and I find a lilac bloom in October!   [Read more...]