Christian Persecution: Christians are the World’s Most Persecuted Religious Group

By Michael Gryboski , Christian Post Reporter
May 4, 2012|7:59 am

WASHINGTON – The head of a California-based evangelical religious liberty group stated Thursday that Christianity is presently the most persecuted religion on earth based on evidence gathered.
Dr. Carl Moeller told The Christian Post at an event on rising religious intolerance abroad that Christians are “the most persecuted in the world” when the nonprofit examined religious groups suffering from increased persecution.

“In terms of sheer numbers, the large size of the Christian populations around the world, where they’re repressed or restricted… Whether you count martyrs, those killed, or you count those living in regimes, sizable Christian populations live under extreme restrictions in places like China, Indonesia, and of course the Middle East,” said Moeller.

He noted that “the methodology for determining this was not from Open Doors necessarily. It was through organizations like Pew Research.”


  • Neenergyobsever

    It’s nice to have it documentented but, really, it’s common sense. Why? Because Christianity tolerates it. Islam puts up with very little. Should we be like them, well, no we shouldn’t. But there is nothing in Christianity that says we shouldn’t defend our brother Christians, in fact, I think it’s required, if we truly love him and God.

    If we were to do so, consistently, persection would at least decrease, if not through fear of God, then through fear of Christians. Our faith cannot be spread by the sword but it can be defended.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      As usual, you said it.

  • ivan1971

    This is a sombre reminder to us that we Christians should work while it is still day. Because as Jesus warned, the night is coming when no man shall work. It is already evening, I feel, but Christ also promised that no matter what, the gates of hell would never prevail against His Church, and we can take comfort in those words.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Ivan. I agree.

  • Becca

    There is persecution here as well, though I believe it is much more subtle. Within a specific sphere, parents (and grandparents) are condemned for their biblical worldview. Parents are silenced as court ordered pagan therapists are given the unrestricted platform of defining what is right and wrong, and what constitutes a family, despite resistance of the children. “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.”

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Absolutely Becca.

  • Arkenaten

    With over 34,000 different Christian Sects/cults is it any wonder you will never likely achieve solidarity?
    Why not take the bold step and tell the truth: It is all a myth. Then there will be one less thing people will feel obliged to die for.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      It’s not a myth, my friend.

      • Arkenaten

        That Jesus was a real person? Probably. The rest….well now, Ms. Hamilton, how well do you know your biblical history? I mean, truly know?

        Why not research Constantine. That would be a great start and the Catholic Church are rather fond of this emperor.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          I repeat: It is not a myth.

          • Arkenaten

            That he was a real person, more than likely. That he was divine…..not a chance.
            You really ought to. research your history a little more.
            For the record: one of the Pope’s (I think it may have been Paul) is on record as saying belief in Jesus Christ is based on faith,nothing more
            You are free to respond with your “it is not a myth” til the cows come home. This is choice. It is faith. It may even be your truth. But it is not the truth and neither is it fact.
            Again, I suggest you research the Nicene Creed and the compilation of the first bible. It will truly help.

          • Arkenaten

            As you appear adamant in this stance, would you like to provide your reasons for stating it is not a myth? I would be genuinely interested.

          • Rebecca Hamilton

            Douglas, it is NOT a myth. See any cows?

          • Arkenaten

            LOL. If you like!
            The first gospel, Mark, did not have the Resurrection story; it was likely added later by a Christian apologist.
            Also, read Eusebius Church History. (He was an Arian, by the way)

          • Dan F.


            I’m not sure that Ms. Hamilton wants her blog to descend into an in-depth rendering of the history of the Western world and the Church but as she said, it’s not a myth. Christ really was the Son of God; He really became Man; He really died a horrible death on a Friday afternoon and He really rose from the dead on Sunday morning. Many saw his death, the Romans confirmed he was dead and set a guard on his tomb. over 500 people witnessed Him alive after his death on the cross. Many of those were eventually martyred for their insistence that Christ was the Son of God (Blasphemy!) and that only Christ was Lord (not Cesar) and not one took the easy way out and said “nope, we made it all up.’ Even though that would have saved their lives.

            You need to read a serious history of the early Church and realize that all of the things that Constantine was supposed to have done were actually done well prior to his attempt to control the process (he failed, btw). The Canon of Scripture was in use before Constantine got involved, the Creeds are based on more ancient statements of faith that were used from the time of the Apostles, etc.

            Really, overused and long debunked Protestant critiques of Catholicism are not a good starting point for a serious discussion.

            • Rebecca Hamilton

              Thank you for picking this up Dan. I’ve been too busy to get to it, and it does get repetitive.

          • Dan F.

            you’re welcome! Also, btw, love your stop slogan voting series.

            I’m starting the push now for a Hamilton/Shea ticket for 2016…

  • Arkenaten

    @Dan F
    There were several versions of the Canon prior to Constantine.
    I do not believe you fully understand the etymology of the term.Son of God. Suggest you go research.
    Heresy was the primary reason for Constantine’s involvement. And what he could not accomplish as a Roman with the sword was achieved by the Catholic Church, albeit from the perspective of a sword.
    Ever heard of Marcion? Sure you have…
    And , whether you agree or not, the notion of a risen Jesus is a narrative construct. The same applies for the Trinity.
    St Paul/Saul is the obvious ‘go to’ here.
    Overused Protestant critiques? *Smile* I beg your pardon, sir. Methinks you protesteth too much.

  • Rachel Gohlman


    I study Church history and Constantine didn’t found the Catholic Church and neither did he make Christianity the official religion of the state. I know about the historical figures and the historical works you are speaking of. Truth be told, Catholicism began in the Middle East and only spread to Rome. You can see this evidenced in the similarity of Roman Catholicism to other branches of Catholicism in Egypt, Ethiopia and India. I bet you didn’t know that all Catholics weren’t Roman Catholics. There are 22 Catholic Churches and only one is Roman. They are all unified by similar doctrine and beliefs and they couldn’t have all been founded by Constantine as the presence of Christians with identical beliefs to Catholics pre-dates his reign as Emperor.

    Morso, it makes no sense to start off your argument with “there are 34,000″ sects and then focus in on Catholicism. Catholicism is not broken into 34,000 sects and is totally outside of the sects of Protestantism as a separate entity.

    You can’t go here and there attacking people because they disagree with you based on their studies and convictions. First of all, no Christian alive today can be held responsible for whatever bloodshed or forced conversion happened 1,000 or even 500 years ago. Why attack us today for it? Why bring out these ridiculous arguments in hope of convincing us to think exactly like you? When you do that, you force your beliefs on them and hardly warrant the same courtesy you demand of others.

  • Rachel Gohlman

    LOL, I guess this about proves that Christians are the most persecuted religious group because they can’t even say so without being harassed. God bless you Rebecca!