“Legitimate Rape” Senate Candidate Arrested in 1980s Pro Life Protest

Mr Foot-In-Mouth, Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin, just rose in my opinion. 

Remember Todd Akin? He was the senatorial candidate who basically affronted the dignity of everyone with two X chromosomes by making a statement to the effect that if a rape was “legitimate” the woman’s body would protect itself and not allow her to get pregnant. Aside from the garbled way he expressed himself and the fantasy biology he seemed to believe, his apparent attitude toward rape victims was … well … horrible.

His own political party pressured him to withdraw from the race but Akins refused and doggedly campaigned on. He must be doing surprisingly well. The reason I say this is that opposition groups, including People for the American Way have “researched” his past, looking for an embarrassment or two. In my opinion, they might have left well enough alone.

It turns out that Todd Akins was arrested a number of times back in the 1980s for criminal trespass and resisting arrest in front of a St Louis abortion clinic.

According to the St Louis Post-Dispatch archives,

a 37-year-old William Akin from Creve Coeur — whose name and address matches other information about the future lawmaker — was among a group of protesters arrested on March 15, 1985. The newspapers account said: “Nineteen anti-abortion demonstrators who refused to leave the waiting room of an abortion clinic in the Central West End were carried out by St. Louis police officers.”

Three weeks later, another six protesters, including Akin, were arrested at another St. Louis demonstration. “Police had to carry Akin into an elevator,” the story said.
On April 5, 1985, Akin was arrested again as one of 10 protesters who were “attempting to block entrances” at the Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Ill., according to the paper. One clinic employee told the paper that the protesters caused minor damage and leveled “verbal abuse” at women entering the clinic.

Akins has confirmed that he was arrested 25-years ago, but won’t give out further details. “We’re not talking about that at all,” Akin told the AP. “It was 25 years ago, and I think it underlines the fact that I stand up for the things I believe and I’m pro-life, and we’re just leaving it there.”

I think these opposition researchers would have done better to have stayed with the outrage over Akin’s earlier comments. The arrest they discovered seems more like confirmation of his dedicated pro-life stand than a scandal. It sounds as if he was practicing the time-honored tradition of non-violent civil disobedience as a form of protest. It confirms that no matter how bad he is at expressing himself — and he deserves some kind of prize for that — he has a life-time dedicated pro-life stance.

  • Ted Seeber

    They are getting very desperate indeed. Last night a name I didn’t recognize, but a local number, came up on the caller ID. A female voice asked for my 9 year old son. Since he was right next to me, I hit the speaker phone, and let him answer. It was Planned Parenthood! Asking him to vote for the local incumbent State Representative! In other words, asking him to commit voter fraud as he isn’t even registered to vote!

    I need to find some time today to report this to the proper local authorities, if I can find out who they are.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Try the state election board. I’m guessing that Planned Parenthood had a bad database or something. Surely they wouldn’t do something this dumb deliberately. Of course, their national president did flat-out lie on national tv about them doing mammograms …..

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        Just FWIW, I’ve made similar dumb mistakes in my own campaigns. Not defending Planned Parenthood’s politics or their beliefs, just sayin’ that a political campaign is barely controlled chaos.

        • http://ackans.com Mr. V.

          Another reason I think you and others of your ilk are to be commended for your public efforts. The stuff you have to go through, in election cycles and in the course of your jobs, period, is outrageous from the outsider’s standpoint.

          Speaking for myself, I would have very litte patience with the media. Heck, it makes me angry just watching the way the candidates running for office are treated, regardless of whether or not I support a particular candidate or not. Though I oppose his stance on abortion and contraceptives, and on some other issues, and would rather someone else in the presidency, I feel sympathy for President Obama. For any president or presidential candidate in regards to all the junk they have to deal with from the media, most of which has no real importance. In my opinion, what matters is his public voting record and the goals he’s pursued publicly. Much of what you see and hear from the media is just so much superficial nonsense.

          • http://ackans.com Mr. V.

            “Another reason I think you and others of your ilk are”

            It occurs to me that ‘others of your ilk’ might be a negative statement. I meant you and other politicians like you. Sorry! :D

            • Rebecca Hamilton


      • http://ackans.com Mr. V.

        Could be more a case of desperation on their part than actual stupidity. Public sentiments against abortion are growing, people that work in abortion clinics are quitting and are ashamed of the work they’ve done, and Planned Parenthood is probably feeling the heat and desperately trying to make sure the strongest pro-abortion candidate gets into office. They’re probably not checking too closely, just grabbing names and hoping for the best.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          Who knows? The way I got my call lists back in the early days of my campaigning was through the Democratic Party. Now, I mainly just add new voters to what I already know about the district. I work on my list all the time; deleting or moving people as they leave or move somewhere else. But my district is stable. And not everybody has been representing the same people for so many years. Based on what I’ve seen of the voter lists available through political parties and election boards, they do try to keep them clean and accurate; but it’s always a struggle given how mobile and contrary Americans are.

          I do think that you’re right when you say they are desperate. Planned Parenthood has their guy in the White House vs someone who say he wants to defund them as his opponent. Lot of incentive there.

      • Ted Seeber

        Looks like yes, it could be just a mistake, but I’m going to inform the State Attorney General’s office anyway.

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  • Sus

    I’d be much more impressed if it was uncovered that Mr. Akin had taken pregnant women into his home. If we found out about all the hungry children he’s been feeding, I’d be impressed. Getting arrested at a protest does nothing for the meat and potatoes of the issue. Getting arrested has done nothing for the woman or girl that is pregnant and doesn’t want to be for whatever reason.

    How come the discussion always stops once the abortion doesn’t happen?

    It’s extremely troubling to me that we, as pro-lifers, are not talking about why abortion is an option? If we were taking care of all the so-called troubled pregnancies, abortion clinics would go out of business. It wouldn’t matter what the law is. There would be no need of it. Until the issues that bring about a pregnancy that isn’t the normal happy event are solved, babies are going to continue to be murdered. The way to end abortion is not to make them illegal.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Sus, pro life people do a great deal to help women. I myself have had the honor of volunteering in a crisis pregnancy center where we helped them get medical care, find housing, facilitated their educations and, when they were ready, helped them with job hunting. We never just told them to not have the baby and then turned them away. We went with them through the whole experience and for up to two years after the baby was born, helping them get onto their feet.

      If this is your reason for thinking abortion should be legal, you should throw yourself into the work of saving women from being forced to make a choice between murdering their own children and a ruined life. I agree: No woman should have to make that kind of choice. But if all you’re doing is raising the issue to use it as an excuse for supporting legal abortion, you need to re-think.

      I don’t know you, so I have no way of knowing what your deeper thinking is. I only know that abortion kills a living child, which is never a “solution” for any injustice. I also know that simply ignoring the injustice is not right, either. If we want to save the baby, we must first save the baby’s mother. If you feel the same way, then there are a plethora of opportunities for you to advocate, volunteer or donate to help make this happen. I would suggest you call your local Catholic Charities and ask them for direction as to what needs doing and get busy.


    • Ted Seeber

      I for one support Fr. Taaffe homes locally as my primary pro-life monetary charity. And I’ve offered. Never been taken up on it, but I’ve offered.

  • http://mywordwall.wordpress.com Imelda

    It’s good to know that there are principled people out there, even if they do not have the gift of gab. :-) I suppose, I’ll have one with principles than gab.

    I appreciate your independent and fair mind.