I Have a Photo of the Cause of America’s Deficit (See Below)

This is a 2011 photo of me, standing front of the primary cause of America’s budget deficit.

It is also a photo of our stagnant economy, declining wages and lack of good jobs.

I was standing on Kinmen Island off the coast of Taiwan. The skyscrapers in the background are mainland China.

We built those skyscrapers. We also built the skyscrapers in a lot of places around the world. We built them with our jobs, our industry, our economic base. America has been exporting our industrial base for at least 30 years. Notice, I did not say we’ve been exporting our jobs. We certainly have been sending American jobs away, but unfortunately we sent our industrial base along with them.

60 Minutes ran a story Sunday, October 7, about a Chinese corporation named Huawei. The situation it describes is something of the canary in the mine shaft in terms of warning us about some of the potential consequences of these disastrous policies. You can find it here.

America’s industrial might is being bled out by corporate greed and a government that toadies to the corporations rather than taking care of the American people and the best interests of this country.

All the blather I heard in the first presidential debate on the economy never really addressed this. In my humble opinion, that means they never really talked about our real economic problems. No matter who wins the upcoming election, if he doesn’t do something about this problem, the overall trend of our economy (as opposed to temporary fluctuations) is headed down.

  • http://theshepherdspresence.wordpress.com Karyl

    It is a mixed bag, in my opinion. We also have union greed and corporations moved away from big labor to foreign countries as a result too. Cheap labor. Seems there is blame enough to go around. Now, I have also heard that the technology “boom” is where the jobs are going to be. Makes me wonder who is going to pick up my trash and repair my leaky faucet. Seems to me we all need each other. My daughter started making hair bows for her little girl, and someone at the park said, “Where did you find that cute bow?” and out of that grew a small business of sorts. Now my daughter has a demand. I bet some welfare collecting moms could do that, if they had a will to, but it isn’t big bucks or consistent, but hey, every little bit helps. Teens are not as industrious as they used to be. Offer to cut grass, wash a car, walk a dog–it just doesn’t happen. Perhaps because parents don’t encourage it. And on and on it goes. Well, one more: I taught ESL one year to some foreign exchange students. Two of them were Chinese. One of them laughed at Americans. He said, almost with a sneer, “We don’t inspect the things we make for you; why should we care?” They have no God, so no conscience. They do like our money though. If corporate greed yanked out the jobs, maybe they would care more. Maybe.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Karyl, first of all thank you for your great comment.
      My main source of angst about this business of exporting our jobs and industrial base is that our elected officials have consistently done things in this regard that are not in the best interest of this country or of the American people. It kind of goes with the series I post on Mondays Stop Slogan-Voting. Stop Hate-Voting. Stop Being Manipulated. We are electing people who are bought and sold and this destruction of America’s industrial base is the result. I’m so angry about politicians who don’t care about this country …. words fail me. Blessings and apologies if I sound too strong about this. It just gets me going.

    • http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com neenergyobserver

      I hate to say it Karyl but, nobody is going to fix your leaky faucet. In the trades (I’m a lineman and electrician) we can’t hire decent apprentices. When the 30-40 tear old journeymen are gone, I don’t know who is going to maintain anything. Even today it’s nearly impossible to get an electrician to do residential work, commercial/industrial pays 2-5 five times more, my guess is the rest of the trades are in the same spot. Even on a new house, if we can’t do the whole job in 5 man-days we’re not very interested. Another piece of the puzzle as to why our economy is going down the drain, 20 year olds don’t (for the most part, obviously) want to work with their hands.

  • http://stoneleafandcompany.com/ Sadie Grace

    Thanks for your informative posts. Americans need to pay attention to what is really happening to our country.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Sadie.

  • http://stevenjeffries.wordpress.com Steven Jeffries

    I believe you’re on to something here, Rebecca. Perhaps I can’t make this connection, but this touches on my problem with Mr. Obama’s jobs vision. It seems he wants to retrain people in new industries which move the ecological interests along…solar panels, wind and water energy sources, electric transportation.

    While there’s nothing wrong with these things, they won’t help to develop jobs NOW…when we need them most! And there is little talk of reviving the industries within the borders of America which we have depended upon for years. How can this problem be fixed?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      “there is little talk of reviving the industries within the borders of America which we have depended upon for years. How can this problem be fixed?”

      Steven, I believe we need a whole focus on re-industrializing America. We also need to look at some of our trade agreements and treaties we’ve signed that have been bad for the American people. Another thing to look at is the corporate (and by corporate I mean multi-national corporations who drive out competition and are perhaps the most deadly attackers of small business) control of our government. That’s the root cause of what is happening. Another name for it would corruption.

  • http://ising4God.com Don Terry

    I always appreciate your wake up calls, insights and, of course, your support of my works. Thanks for all you do.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Don. I guess we’re our own a mutual support group. :-)

  • Arkenaten

    What, isn’t war an industry? You get upset over my analogy. Serious?
    If you produce billions upon billions worth of arms there comes a point when they will be used. This is FACT. The arms industry does not really protect the US. Thgis could be done with a FRACTION of what is produced, at a fraction of the cost as well. It protects US foreign interests. Read big business.

    Other than an arena to test military hardware,name me a single benefit America (as a nation) got out of the Vietnam war?
    And what’s the current US ‘defense’ budget ? Bet the allocated funds are close to those for education.
    America has been involved in one war or another since I dont know when. I could google, but then I’m sure you know better than I.

    I am not ripping into the armed forces, they do as they’re told. But those in power…well now.
    As author Terry Pratchett wrote in one of his novels…”Follow the money.”

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      You took the Lord’s name in vain, Douglas. That’s why I deleted your comment.

      • Arkenaten

        Really? Crikey, I can’t even remember exactly what I wrote. I’m pretty it wasn’t hateful or anything. Sigh, You should have deleted the god bit then.
        Sorry and all that.

        Still, surely your god can take care of himself? We are talking about an omnipotent deity that wiped out almost every living breathing thing on the face of the planet here, right? He’s not a damp dishcloth when it comes to the smiting business, now is he?
        It’s a bit like me getting upset at an ant calling me names.
        Still, perhaps he was in the loo and didn’t realise I was calling him names, eh?
        Or maybe he’s lacking a sense of humour these days?

        Has he heard the one about the priest the rabbi and the iman?

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          Douglas, God didn’t delete your post. I did.

  • Arkenaten

    LOL, I just looked up the comparative figures. How naive am I or what?
    Defense around 700billion. Education around 70 billion. According to Wiki.
    Remember the song by Pink Floyd with these lyrics….” we don’t need no education…”

    I rest my case…..