Miracle Story: Sometimes You Don’t Have to Ask

I almost decided not to post this particular miracle story. It is so incredible that just by sharing it I open myself up to charges of being naive and soft-headed.

I finally decided to go ahead because I don’t think God intended for it to be kept a secret. It is the story of God’s direct intervention in the life of one of the least of these. I wish I could tell the whole story; of the rescue and tremendous experience the girl who tells this has gone through. But I can’t.

When you spend time with those who were the most completely lost, you find the most intense faith.

This miracle happened to a victim of sex trafficking from India.

The young woman who tells it was taken as she was walking to school when she was around 7 and put in a brothel. She suffered terrible things which I will not go into here. She was confined in a tiny room and forced to have sex with many men each day. Her life was mostly that room and her tormentors. She had never heard of Jesus Christ in her young life.

She was alone in the room at one point, and she said that she saw a spot of glowing light in front of her. Then, she saw a man in the light who told her “I am Jesus and I will take care of you.” She did not know who this Jesus was, but she did understand that she was in the presence of God. In the face of every objective criteria to the contrary she believed Him when He said “I will take care of you.” Through a series of incredible events, she ended up here in Oklahoma, free from her captors, and living a new life.

When she talks about this experience, her face glows. Her life, even more than her words, are a testimony to the redemptive power of God’s love. She is going to school, and plans to be a missionary to the trafficked girls in her native India.

Jesus went into a brothel, into the pit of one of our worst man-made hells, and reached out to this young girl. She didn’t pray. She didn’t ask for Him to come to her. She didn’t know Who He was.

It’s an incredible story and I offer you no proof. Believe it or don’t. All I can say is that those who know this young woman believe it. They see the proof in her life and rock-solid faith; in her unwavering purpose to bring Jesus to everyone she meets. She was rescued to be a rescuer.

  • http://www.prhayz.com Noel Williams (prhayz) www.prhayz.com

    Hello Rebecca! This is a very inspiring story. I believe in miracles. They happen all over. I am a miracle. Thank God for Jesus.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Noel. When you said “I am a miracle.” you said it all my friend. We are ALL miracles of the grace and love of God.

  • Bill Thompson

    Thank you Rebecca. I understand your hesitation. I believe the story.

  • http://godhappenings.wordpress.com Diane Reid

    Hi Rebecca,
    First of all, thanks for reading my post “Lesser Blood?) I am always surprised when someone actually reads me.
    I love this post of yours. I so totally believe in miracles and I don’t doubt for one moment that Jesus showed up strong on her behalf. I do understand the concern that others may find us soft headed and naive for believing. But some people probably think that anyway about other aspects of Christianity. How logical is any of really? Game changing, inspiring, miraculous absolutely, but logical – no not so much.
    Thanks again for stopping by. I love your posts but ever since you moved to patheos, I have not gotten notices of when you publish one. Do you know what I am doing wrong?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Diane, I think you can subscribe over on the right hand side of this page where it says “Subscribe by Email to Public Catholic.” Thanks for asking.

      Keep up your good work on Lesser Blood. It’s a great blog.

  • Mark

    Just beautiful!

  • Elijah

    Can you give us her name. I believe in miracle too. But we need to read more to this amazing story. I can only say one thing that is how Jesus is so patient even when we are in sin.

    • joycelen

      Elijah, I agree. But you see, this child was in no way in sin.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Elijah, I have permission to share her name, but I am not sure that’s a good idea. The first rule of helping traumatized people feel safe is that you will not — EVER — violate their confidences. When women and children escape from trafficking, there are also serious issues of actual physical safety. I wouldn’t have said what I did here without permission and with a clear understanding that it wouldn’t endanger anyone. The internet can be a mean place. When she’s ready, she can step out and tell her story, with all the details that I can’t say here, on her own.

  • Connor

    I just came across a quote from Archbishop Sheen in his book The Life of Christ which I think applies to this story most perfectly
    “Divinity is always where one least expects to find it.”

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      That’s a great quote. Thanks for sharing it.

  • http://bigmatsblog.wordpress.com/ Mathew

    I am a natural born skeptic but, with the things I’ve experienced in my walk with God, I have no hesitation whatsoever believing her story. I like reading about things like this. Thank-you for posting.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      You’re welcome Mathew.

  • Patrick Joseph

    I remember something similar but less dramatic from the book Tortured for Christ. In it, the Episcopalian bishop was walking along a street in Communist Romania and spoke the name of Jesus in conversation. A passerby – a beautiful young woman – heard the name of Jesus, stopped and came to the bishop asking
    what he had said. Christians were imprisoned, tortured and persecuted in Communist Romania at that time; the bishop had suffered for Jesus. He explained the Faith to this young woman who became Christian just from the hearing of Our Lord’s name uttered in passing so struck was she to know what the Word ‘Jesus’meant! Such is the miracle that is the One, True God!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I’m just started that book yesterday. So far, it’s wonderful!

  • http://myyearlongjourney.com Marisa

    Rebecca, Have you read the book Redeeming Love? It’s a retelling of the book of Hosea and the amazing redemptive power of God… my favorite book and a must read. Thank-you for sharing this story. In the comforts of our homes, it’s terribly difficult to understand the kind of horrors that take place in this world. It’s essential to be reminded now and then… I’m speechless and at the same time in awe of the Mighty God we serve… this is a vivid example of when no one else is around, God is always there for us and carries us in the palm of His hands.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Marisa, this is a wonderful comment, full of so much wisdom. I will check for Redeeming Love and put it on my “to read” list.

  • http://CatholicNews Thomas Lynch

    God is everywhere , God can do anything, God loves the Poor and oppressed ,God is Love and He loves the men who committed these horrible crimes.We want revenge, God wants Love. Who Knows the Mind of God?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      All true Thomas.

  • Lily

    Thank you for sharing this story. I am greatly moved by it. What Jesus can do is beyond our human minds can understand. There lies the awesomeness of God!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Lily. It’s incredible to me how much He loves us.

  • Mary

    I see this wonderful “story” not so much as a miracle, but the actual TRUTH of who Jesus Christ is. The LIVING Jesus Christ, who is, was, and will always be the SAVIOR of the world. The One who reaches down in the midst of our torment and pulls us to safety.
    To me, what happened to this young child is so much more than what we understand a miracle to be. This was a life changing experience that no one else could have given her, nor continued to work in her life to bring her to where she is now.
    This young girl’s life was a deliberately orchestrated plan by Christ. It was because of her pain that Christ pulled her to safety, but more importantly imho, it is because of her tormentors that He chooses to show Himself through her to the world now. Christ overcame the world and He gives the same gift to this young woman.
    John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
    Blessed by the name of the Lord.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Mary, everything you said is so true and beautiful. This was especially moving.

      “I see this wonderful “story” not so much as a miracle, but the actual TRUTH of who Jesus Christ is. The LIVING Jesus Christ, who is, was, and will always be the SAVIOR of the world. The One who reaches down in the midst of our torment and pulls us to safety.”

  • http://www.keeplifelegal.com Rev. Katherine Marple

    Send more miracle stories! Lifts me up and the Body of Christ!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Yes, they do.
      “The fool says in his heart, There is no God.”

  • Sherry Weddell

    Stories like this one are common in the Muslim world where many Muslims are experiencing visions – often of a glowing man who identifies himself as Jesus. Phenomena like this has led to many thousands of Muslims becoming “Christ followers”. It is estimated that roughly 1 million Muslims a year are becoming “Christ followers” (baptized and unbaptized) in the Muslim world and that the majority have experienced some form of “sign and wonder”.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      What incredible news Sherry. I am always overwhelmed by His love, and this is just one more example.

  • Jon White

    I think the story is credible, given how God many times in the past has chosen people who were not looking to be chosen (e.g., St. Bernadette of Lourdes). Also, it somewhat parallels other “stories” I have come across that tell of people having a dream in which they encounter or meet Jesus Whom they somehow are aware of but did not up to that time believe to be our redeemer, but are convinced by their dream experience of the truth of Christianity.

  • DRM

    I would consider putting a little more detail into your story. ( Excluding of course anything that would identify the individual involved). This kind of story is most edifying for someone who is either open to religious faith or perhaps even needs some evidence for its reasonableness.) This is the primary role of Miracles in the gospels, as a sign to support faith. For those who are already pretty devout and have no doubt, well then they will simply add this to the catalog of Christian miracles, some of which are relatively well substantiated ( perhaps like the cures at Lourdes) and some of which sound pretty fanciful and less reliable ( any number of levitating saints,) A story likes this leaves the non credulous believer or someone on the threshold of belief with questions. Here are a few of them:
    1) What was the Girls exposure to Christianity before the vision? How do we know this was the case?
    2) What events in outline lead to the girls relocation to the Oklahoma/ the United States.
    3) Who did she first relate this story to? how did you learn of it?
    Details like this can be broad enough to not violate any privacy issues and lend a little more credibility to the story, not that anyone would be deliberately deceptive, but there is a people will often believe what they wish to believe. While it is true someone already devout will simply accept the story, that person really is not the one who might need to hear it.

  • Arkenaten

    Do you have a reference for this, Rebecca?

    • Theresa

      Rebecca succinctly explained why she cannot “reference” this story. She left it to the reader to believe or not . It is crucial that she does not betray this girls trust, or put her in danger. Very wise choices Rebecca, good on you even though you had permission to use her name.

      I worked with underage prostitutes here in Canada. good middle class girls. One had braces on her teeth. Both died at the hands of either a serial killer, or more likely the gangs that held them in the trade. The world they came from is very dangerous. Most of us cannot fathom the suffering these girls and women endure.

      This miracle demonstrates the power of prayer. We will never know where God dispenses the grace from our prayer. In my opinion, this is one excellent example. I believe that someone somewhere prayed, probably for those caught in the sex trafficking. We truly are one body in Christ.

      • Arkenaten

        I did not expect the child’s name to be revealed, besides this could be easily substituted, I was wondering if this was a first hand account told to Rebeccas directly or via other parties.

        “We will never know where God dispenses the grace from our prayer.”
        Isn’t this the truth. A shame he wasn’t paying attention to those poor children you worked with.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          Douglas I’m not giving any details except to say that this came from a flesh and blood person and not a story I found on the internet or some such. If it was something like that, I would have given the reference when I told it, and I would have told it entirely differently.

          • Arkenaten

            So, is the story first hand ?

  • http://christscompany.wordpress.com Ken/It’s a Matter of Prayer

    Why are so many shocked. Similar stories can be found throughout the world, in every country. What is just as bad or worse, close to thirty thousand people die a day of malnutrition. There is something morally wrong that we turn our backs on such things. Why is man so cruel to allow these things? Some want to blame God but He is not the author of sin. What the story points out is Jesus Christ is the answer.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Very true, Ken. Thank you.

  • TheInformer

    And let’s send a team of hunter-killers to castrate/execute the filthy vermin who would have sex with a child!

    Who also has courage to protect the innocent?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I understand the feeling. But I’ll settle for locking them up.

  • http://greenlightlady.wordpress.com Wendy Macdonald

    This brought tears to my eyes. I heard a pastor in Canada interviewed on the radio about how he met Jesus in a jail cell, while incarcerated for his actions related to being a terrorist. He was an extremist trained by Alkida (spelling?). He had not heard the gospel before this. The Holy Spirit met him in jail and now he serves Jesus. One less person to set off bombs. Now he helps light up souls! Keep praying for people… it’s our secret prayers that speak the loudest.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Wendy, I didn’t know until I published this blog and began hearing from other people that the Lord is going to people in this direct manner all over the world, especially, it seems, to Muslims. All I can say is that I’m smiling as I type this! :-)

      • http://greenlightlady.wordpress.com Wendy Macdonald


  • http://www.rosariesforlife.com Dave

    Thanks be to God! I hope to hear more details of the story at a later time when it is judged prudent.

    Let us all pray daily for the scourge of sex trafficking to end. While I can’t agree with TheInformers idea above to exterminate people participating in this behavior, I can certainly share the extreme disgust and revulsion that brings forth his comment.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I do think they belong in prison for a long, long time.

  • Elijah

    Thanks for your response. I would not expect you either to reveal her name so easily. In any case, as long as she safe and sound, her true story can be revealed another time. By the way, would you ask please ask her
    to pray for me as well because at this point of my life I am thirst for God’s presence. Finally, thanks for sharing this story and may God give you all the strength and grace to continue what you do.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Elijah, I know some powerful prayer warriors. I will ask them to bring you before the Lord in prayer, and they will.

  • http://attheturnofthetide.blogspot.com Caspar

    It’s sort of an illustration of Mark Shea’s point in The Heart of Catholic Prayer that when we pray the Our Father, we pray in union with the whole Church. So our prayer may have ramifications all over the world.

    I’ve also seen Shea and other people recommend including “For all those with no one to pray for them,” “For everything God wants us to pray for,” and “For all those most in need of God’s mercy” as intentions when praying, just to cover this sort of need and situation.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think Mark is right about this.

  • http://johndwmacdonald.com John DW Macdonald

    The following sites have liked your article which I posted on http://johndwmacdonald.com recently
    Sumithra Sriram
    Mark Shields
    Heather Whitley Gibson
    A very positive response for a new boy on the block! Best wishes John

  • http://biblesharingonline.wordpress.com bible sharing online

    We are also a living testament of the Lord’s daily miracles in our lives. God is so good all the time. He never fails. He always cares! God bless you Rebecca!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      “We are also a living testament of the Lord’s daily miracles in our lives.”


    The synod in vatican
    Pope, opening synod, says Christ is the answer to humanity’s questions
    To evangelize means to help people understand that God himself has responded to their questions, and that his response — the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ — is available to them as well, Pope Benedict XVI said.
    “Our role in the new evangelization is to cooperate with God,”
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    Christ is the answer to all our longings
    He is our ultimate destiny



  • http://www.danielundem.com Daniel Undem

    Thank you for posting this powerful story.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      It was a gift to me, as well, Daniel.


    Christians also must live their faith and share it with the world through acts of charity and love,

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      You’re right Richard.

  • http://mywordwall.wordpress.com Imelda

    Beautiful beautiful. Praise be to God. I am so sad and hurt for the girl. I am so thankful that the Lord Himself came to visit her to heal her and save her from the hell she was put in. Thanks for sharing this.


  • jenny

    Wow…what a story…. it gives us hope.

  • Logouatau Fotua’ava

    it works for some people :-)