Voter Guide: Obama vs Romney on Religious Freedom

The Catholic Association has issued the Voter Guide on Religious Freedom you see below. Have a look and see if it will help you in your considerations as to who will get your vote in the upcoming election.

  • Dave

    Bravo! A good handout to any Catholic.

  • Biltrix

    Thanks Rebecca. I’ll definitely be sharing this one.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      de nada. Pass it on, please!

  • Rebecca Hamilton

    Thanks Dave.

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  • Mr. V

    What the others said. I’ll be printing this off and sharing it with others.

  • Manny

    And I get criticized for being too much in the Republican camp. And that doesn’t even address abortion and gay marriage issues. There just isn’t any real choice if you consider yourself a Catholic.

    • Ted Seeber

      One CANNOT vote Obama. But I would argue- that Romney, despite this, is not very far away from Obama’s positions. He just finished telling us how there isn’t any anti-abortion legislation that he’s willing to make a priority.

  • Arkenaten

    And yet Obama is your party leader. Most Odd.
    Obama would get my vote in an instant.
    Romney is a phony….just an opinion, mind. But I reckon he’s just mining for votes.
    You might not like Obama but I’ll bet he turns out the more straight talker in the end. Well, for any given value of a straight talking politician, I guess.
    But dinner’s on you if I’m right. Okay?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Douglas, you may have noticed, I try to put Jesus ahead of my political party. He is my leader. No other.

      • Arkenaten

        Oh I do notice, but Jesus isn’t on the ballot this year, unfortunately.
        It is just plain weird to me that as religion is your numero uno issue that you would belong to a party with which you have so little in common in this area.
        Is it because Mr. Romney is a Mormon and even though Obama might be a twit in your eyes at least he is Christian, whereas Romney is (sharp intake of breath) a Heathen?
        Not as bad as an atheist, OBVIOUSLY,( rolls eyes) but close.

        So you’re giving me the cold shoulder over dinner then? Misery. How about a cheese sandwich? I’ll ask my wife to make tea as she says I make a lousy cup. You can send Airforce One when you’re settled in at 1600 Pennsylvania.

    • Ted Seeber

      Of course Obama would get your vote- you’ve proven time and time again in this forum that your form of morality is hedonism, and Obama is certainly hedonistic.

      • Arkenaten

        Actually, Ted, it’s because I like his haircut. But hedonism is okay too.

        • Ted Seeber

          I should know by now that presidents are chosen by height and hair. But it is a more disgusting reason that choosing a president for his lack of ability to be objective morally.

  • Dan F.

    I’m not sure that some of the thumbs up for Romney are accurate – particularly the ones about when he was Governor.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      My main caveat about this is that some of the items used to rank the two men are inconsequential in terms of what they will do in office. For instance, giving Governor Romney credit for hit ads in a campaign and an award he received seems pretty thin. In truth, I don’t like the idea of either of these men as my president. I think the Governor will be less than stellar on life and religious freedom issues if he wins. Also, I fear that some of his economic programs will, if he actually implements them, lead of disaster. On the other hand Obama has made funding Planned Parenthood a key part of his administration and has declared war on my church. Hard to get past that.

  • Ted Seeber

    Why is it I never see a serious discussion from any partisan Catholic, of either party, on the Four Sins that Cry Out To Heaven for Vengeance? Especially when all four are VERY prevalent in our culture.

    • Arkenaten

      There are actually five , Ted. But who’s counting right?

      • Robert King

        The number is not doctrinal. They are variously listed:

        1) Wilful murder (this sin of Cain)
        2) Dishonoring of marriage (the sin of Sodom, but also seems to include onanism and perhaps even fornication)
        3) Oppressing the poor (sins against the foreigner, widow, or orphan)
        4) Defrauding workers of their wages


        1) The blood of Abel (murder)
        2) The sin of Sodom (dishonoring marriage)
        3) The cry of the people in Egypt (oppressing the poor, slavery)
        4) The cry of the foreigner, widow, or orphan (oppressing the poor, generally)
        5) Injustice to the wage earner


        • Ted Seeber

          Ah. Well I’ll give the United States this one- I don’t know of any political party, mainstream or third party, that is still for slavery.

          Will we need a civil war to get rid of the other 4 as well?

    • Arkenaten

      Sorry, which ones did you want to discuss, by the way?

      • Ted Seeber

        From the list of four- I’d like to hear from a Democrat why they’re for murder and fornication, and from a Republican why they’re for Oppressing the Poor and Injustice to the Wage Earner.

        Near as I can tell, most of the third parties are also for at least one of the four- my favorite right now, Virgil Goode, for instance, is rather against economic refugees from Mexico.

  • vickie

    I realize that this election is torture for Catholics trying to be faithful to all the teachings of the church. However, the voting guide did not talk about all the complexities of Romney. The following links have time lines of Romney’s complex actions regarding abortion and homosexual rights as governor. So vote for him if that is that is what your conscience tells you but yes, we need to consider how to make sure that our goals of promoting a culture of life and protecting conscience rights are accomplished. Just voting for him and going home will not accomplish this.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Excellent comment Vickie! I agree completely.

  • Indy

    My dear Rebecca – thank you for this information – I think God is definitely providing challenging decisions for us on this election. I have been in turmoil over who to vote for in the upcoming election and this information isn’t making any easier! I have to be honest with you that I’m not sure what to do.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I understand. I’ve said before that no matter which one of these guys wins, this nation is in trouble. Right now, everyone is so caught up in pushing for their guy that the mere suggestion that he (whichever one “he” is) might have some really dangerous ideas (both of them do, I believe) that will harm us all makes them angry. But I honestly believe that they do. We need to pray, my friend.