Standing Our Ground for The First Freedom

I’ve been saving this.

I’m not a seer. I don’t have a crystal ball. But I knew a couple of weeks out that President Obama was likely to be re-elected. I also knew that if I was right, we’d all need leadership from our bishops.

I guess they thought the same thing. The USCCB launched a website for religious freedom, just before the election. We were all so caught up in casting our votes that I thought it would be better to wait and share it with you after the dust had settled a little.

There’s a message in this website, a partial answer to the questions I’ve been asking and the things I’ve talked about here and here. The answer, the plan, the message is this:

Stay the course.

If you are Christian and you know it, stay the course. Stand your ground. Re-think. Re-tool. Re-assess. Change your tactics to fit reality. But do not back down, go away or stop standing for Christ.

In fact, I would go the other way with this. I think one thing that has brought us here is that so many Christians are, in the words of Thomas Paine, “sunshine patriots and summer soldiers” in the cause of Christ. We must always be kind. We are required to avoid slandering and attacking other people personally. But we must also not back up, give up or quit in the hard work of being the light of Christ in a fallen world.

We cannot compromise the faith for anyone; including our political parties and our friends. Now is not the time to go along to get along. Now is the time to stand our ground for Christ.

Check out You might also drop you own bishop a note, telling him that he has your support in this great fight for the religious freedom of all Americans.

  • Dr. Peter John Resweber

    For better or worse, uh, no, scratch that…

    For worse (definitely for WORSE), the progressives have been effective in gradually reshaping the culture. They started with the schools. We didn’t pay enough attention as they were taken over and turned into indoctrination centers for more than a couple of generations. All the while, we assumed that the American character was solid and generally shared. Therefore, we concentrated on national issues.

    All the while, our children were being taught that utopia is possible. They were taught that with the right government policies everyone would have enough and everyone would be nice to each other. They were taught that the only things standing in the way of this utopia were the prejudices and beliefs of their parents and their churches.

    We ended up with something worse than generations of ignorant and/or weak minded individuals willing to vote for this president (as he’s really only a symptom of the problem). We also ended up with people willing to vote for public financing of abortion, for celebrating sodomy as equivalent to (if not better than) holy matrimony, for euthanasia, for rampant drug use, etcetera. Look back over the election results. Look down ticket. Look at the various referenda that passed. The results are appalling.

    Do we want to get back on track? Do we want to protect life, liberty, religious freedom? If so, then I believe we must start by working to break the public/governmental school monopoly. We must make it possible to bring religion, morals and reality back into our children’s schools. Teach them that there will never be a utopia or a heaven on earth. Teach them, however, that there IS an actual heaven and that this life (though hard) can be joyous if it is ordered around getting there.

    Do all that, do it well, be persistent and be patient…

    Then, in a few generations (probably long after we’re all gone) we will have bequeathed to them the freest, most prosperous, happiest society you can imagine (this side of heaven). It still won’t be utopia (utopian dreams always lead to tyrannical hells on earth). But it will be better than what happens if we do nothing. It will be good.

    • Keith Collyer

      I see your point and I feel your pain. I really do. But most of it goes away very easily if you look up in the dictionary what “indoctrination” means. It does not mean “teaching people that believing something outside my narrow bigoted view might be OK”. It means “Teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically”, which is what you are actually proposing.

      • Dr. Peter John Resweber

        The fatal flaw in your snark, Keith, is that I am proposing competition in education.

        Monopolies are the only way to get a majority “to accept doctrines uncritically”.

    • Ted Seeber

      I could have told you back in the 1970s that the schools were being turned into indoctrination centers. There is a reason why I, as an American Male, have to fight against the stereotypes in my own head.

  • Becca

    I so agree with you. I plan on educating myself better on the issues. In the aftermath of our recent election, I now have a better understanding that some FIRMLY believe that only Christians who vote for Democrats are following Jesus, because only Democrats truly care for the poor, the sick, the least of these, the disenfranchised, the marginalized members of society, and women. I also learned that they believe that Jesus never talked about abortion or homosexuality, much less condemned them . . . only about helping the poor and sick. They believe they voted for a Christian (Obama) and condemned the Christians who voted for Romney for not voting for a Christian. It is almost as if the culture war is between two different “types” of Christians.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Becca, I think this is a result of our religious leaders in the various denominations splitting the Gospels into pieces and choosing the ones that will get them in the good graces of one or the other of the two political parties. They taught their followers to do the same, and then taught them that this was righteousness.

  • Manny

    The only thing we can hope for is the Supreme Court to over rule it. Obama won with a majority of Catholics. Unless he was cynically using it as a ploy to get out his vote, he will never over turn it. And even then he can’t without losing face. Religious people have to stick together and force the candidate on the Republican side in the next election to overturn it. The Democrats will probably never change it now.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think you’re right that the Democrats as the party is now will never rescind the HHS Mandate. Of course, Obama won’t do it. However, 4 years is far too long to wait. The Church will be decimated by then. If the Rs actually believe what they say, they need to make this the sticking point when the fight over extending the debt comes up. It will be a much tougher fight than it was a year ago. They could have gotten it then. Now, it will be a Donnybrook. Otherwise, or rather I should say, when they don’t, (because I have not believed they believe what they say for a long time now, although I would LOVE for them to prove me wrong) we should pray for the Supreme Court to do the right thing. If they don’t ….. we’ll cross that bridge at the time it happens.
      Perhaps one thing we — meaning us — can do is to consider ways to show support for rescinding the Mandate now, to encourage the Court.

  • Ted Seeber

    We have only two strategies left:
    1. the courts
    2. Refuse to pay fines or health insurance until all Catholics are in jail- let’s see those idiots in DC try to run the country with 64 million Catholics in jail.

    The consent of the governed is the theory behind American government. With widescale rebellion, what would be their options?

  • http://Devotions4Him Jennifer

    Amen! I’ve been reading bout the first century Christians what they endured for the gospel. People think that we will never suffer persecution for being Christians in America. Think again. May God give us the grace to endure until the end. If they persecuted Jesus and the first century saints they will surely persecute us. Standing up for Jesus will always bring persecution in one form or another.

  • http://Devotions4Him Jennifer

    By the way (sorry I hit the post comment button too soon). I truly enjoy reading your blogs. I have it saved in my Google Reader. I always look forward to it. I’m not Catholic but I can certainly recognize a sister in Christ. I appreciate you and what you’re doing. God bless you!

  • Katherine

    2. Refuse to pay fines or health insurance until all Catholics are in jail- let’s see those idiots in DC try to run the country with 64 million Catholics in jail.>

    Not likely to happen given that better than 99.9% of Catholics with health insurance already tolerate contraception.