Christian Persecution: Lawsuit Filed to Allow Christian Students Equality in Use of California School Facilities

This article from Charisma News describes a lawsuit filed by the American Center for Law and Justice to gain equal rights for Christian students in California to free assembly and free speech. The text of the lawsuit may be found here. The article, by Nicole Lange. reads in part:

The fate of after-school Bible clubs in California may rest on the outcome of a lawsuit filed Monday in United States District Court. The suit filed by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) argues that Orange County’s Buena Park School District unconstitutionally rejected a Christian youth club’s request to meet in district facilities on equal grounds with similar, nonprofit, nonreligious youth organizations.

The “Good News Club,” a local affiliate of the international, Bible-centered organization Child Evangelism Fellowship, provides school kids with extracurricular educational programming and recreational activities that teach about life from a biblical perspective.

Child Evangelism Fellowship’s West Orange County chapter was denied a request to use district facilities free of charge, despite California Education Code allowing nonprofit, youth-oriented groups to use public school facilities at no cost. Similar nonprofit groups have historically been permitted to meet after hours without charge at Buena Park schools.

“This selective application of policy speaks ill of the Buena Park School District’s respect for and understanding of the Constitution,” said David French, ACLJ senior counsel. “Freedom doesn’t stop at the schoolhouse door. Child Evangelism Fellowship has every right to equal treatment and access to public school facilities for its after-school events.” (Read more here.)

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  • Bill S

    No. No. No. Anything that Christians are allowed to do today, Muslims will be allowed to do tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with Bible study, but there is everything wrong with Islam. We can’t allow one without the other so we can’t allow either for everyone’s sake including those who feel persecuted.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Bill, first, I’m not sure you’re reading the article correctly. Everyone but Christians are already allowed to do this. Second, if we do away with our freedoms because we fear that someone we don’t agree with might use them also, we’ll all end up living in a cage

    • Ted Seeber

      A few months ago, for July 4th, I was handing out “Celebrate Religious Liberty” signs at Church. Despite the normal objections from the Cradle Catholics Against the Pope crowd, I did hand out several. But one fellow, who I know to be just as much of a Cafeteria Catholic but on the left rather than the right, who speaks for freedom on everything from firearms to the right of Wal-Mart to mistreat workers on their own property, told me he was against religious liberty- precisely because of the Moslem Threat. Knowing him to be an educated fellow with a doctorate in anthropology, I told him he really needed to do a study on the evolution of Islamic theology before he made such a statement- because he was actually joining with the very people he claimed to be against.

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  • Bill S

    I didn’t know that. I thought this was about using school facilities for religious purposes and I didn’t know that everyone but Christians were already being allowed to do it. My bad.

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