Is This Your First Blob of Tissue?

No matter how much they may claim that killing is a “right” people who advance the culture of death do what those who want to kill with impunity always do: They obfuscate the language to hide the facts of what they are doing from the world at large — and from themselves.

These twists and turns of ordinary language are not just an attempt to hide the truth of killing, they are also a form of justification. Thus, legalized medical murder becomes “death with dignity,” abortion becomes a “choice,” and embryonic stem cell research is the only hope for “miracle cures.”

In every case of legalized killing, the object of language is no longer to accurately communicate and facilitate analysis and thought. It is used instead as a tool to confuse, delude and shut off an accurate assessment of the situation by hiding the facts of it in plain sight.

The video below pokes a few holes in the language obfuscations of abortion by simply taking the obfuscating language of “choice” out of the vacuum of political debate and putting it in normal contexts.


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  • Peg

    Excellent video! I’m so weary of the language gyrations. My OB never once said “Congratulations you’re having a fetus”. The biggest challenge will be this false claim that life no longer begins at conception. Thanks

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I thought the video made the point nicely. Glad you liked it.

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  • Karyl

    So agree with Peg. Futhermore, I have a daughter-in-love who had four miscarriages. She almost died with the fourth one. In every case, in trying to make the miscarriage stop, they said, “we are going to try to save your baby.” All of them were at 12 weeks. Have you watched the “Determinator”?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      No, I haven’t seen the Determinator. What is it?

  • Peg

    What’s The Determinator?

  • Wendy

    Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing this! I shared it on my facebook. Sometimes the short & simple messages say the most. I really liked this one. My twelve year old daughter did too.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thanks Wendy.