Calling Catholics Home

Katrina Fernandez, who blogs at The Crescat posted a great video featuring football coach Lou Holtz encouraging Catholics to “come home” to weekly mass and the sacraments.

I’m reposting it here.

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  • Bill S

    Lou Holtz is a great man and a model Catholic. He has me convinced that his faith has made him who he is today. He is a perfect spokesperson for

    As a non-believer, the one thing I notice about believers is how important it is to them to both be believers and make believers out of non-believers (or out of the doubters or non-committed). This is how faith endures and spreads like the replication of genes from which Richard Dawkins coined the word “memes”. Without this phenomenon there would be no long-lasting religions.

    It’s an interesting coincidence that it is so important that we believe in order to obtain eternal life and that it is so important that we believe in order for us to pass on our memes.

    Abraham believed thus inspiring Jews, Christians and Muslims to believe or someone wrote the story of Abraham in order to stress the importance of believing. Jesus stressed the importance of believing. And Paul and every religious leader since have done the same. Over the ages and in some cultures, still, you must believe if you want to continue to live and/or prosper.

    What if we taught our kids to question everything and not accept anything as a certainty without proof? Would they be better off? Perhaps, but would religion be better off?

    • Ted Seeber

      Given that the standard atheist meme, when taken seriously, includes sterilization to prevent overpopulation, I would think that it fails to have survival merit from an evolutionary standpoint.

      • Bill S

        Hi Ted,
        Good to hear from you. Yes, the religious meme seems to be more effective.

        • Ted Seeber

          And if the religious meme is more effective, that makes the atheist meme irrational for *anybody* with a conscience to follow. Only somebody who has no conscience, and who wants to lie for personal gain, would follow the atheist meme, because in the long run, it is the way of death, not the way of life.

          All atheism is irrational because of this; in reducing the evidence set to remove the supernatural, it ignores the natural.

      • Bill S

        Having read your responses to my other comments, I take back my comment that it is good to hear from you, Ted. Some of your comments, like contraception is murder, and that I have no conscience, are over the top. I just think you have a hyperactive conscience and don’t really have any practical solutions to any problems facing this country. You also don’t believe in obeying the government, which I do. This country has a process that works better or as well as any other. You have to realize that this blog and the opinions stated on it, without commenters like myself, is extremely slanted to the right. If all the comments were allowed to be posted, you would get a wider range of opinions. Somehow my comments get through where others are censored. So I end up drawing the most severe criticisms from extremists like you.

        • Ted Seeber

          The only real problem facing this country is a group of eugenicists who have stolen dictatorial unconstitutional control over our government.

          The process is irrevocably broken. I now have NO hope left for resurrecting anything good out of the United States of America, only the evil of atheism and the utter lack of morality within it.

          I see no good coming from EITHER the left or the right currently. Greed and fiscal liberalism on the one side, utter chaos and sexual liberalism on the other side, make for a country that is bound to go down in civil war.

          If I’m an extremist- then I am an extreme Catholic who believes that the government should be subservient to the people and the people subservient to the Church and to God, and that irrational atheists eugenicists with no honesty and no conscience should not be allowed into power.

          You have proven over and over again that your opinion is so irrational that you can’t even face your family and friends with it. Why should we place our trust in the Obama Dictatorship and Drones attacking the Catholic Church?

  • Bill S

    I don’t know why you choose to attack me in particular and atheism in general. We should have very little impact on people like you and are not the cause of any of your problems. Your whole worldview needs adjustment.

    And where do you see any evidence of eugenics? You can say what you want about atheists but I don’t think that we are the irrational ones. I find less rationality in believers than in non-believers.

    I think it best that I not continue discussions like this.

    • Ted Seeber

      It is more that I am choosing to attack atheism in particular, and try to show you that without God there can be no morality, no law, no order- only dictatorship, subjective and irrational.

      You are the people who cause problems. You are the irrational dictators passing stupid laws to destroy people’s lives with NO real understanding, history, or evidence for your positions at all. MY worldview needs adjustment? It is YOUR worldview that is based on irrational fear of others. You kill children because you are afraid to let them be born, you prevent their conception because you are afraid of more people in the world, you put irrational and untested plans into effect because you think it will make the world a better place- but it always makes the world a worse place.

      I see evidence of Eugenics in the entire so-called pro-choice movement and the way they preach that minorities and the poor and those with genetic defects shouldn’t be allowed to be born. Every word out of your side of the argument is intentionally irrational and supporting the idea that only YOU matter, only your SELFISH desires matter. I find no rationality in non-believers at all for that reason; rationality supports life.

      You are NO different than Adam Lanza at all.

      • Bill S

        In the past, I had found conversing with you to be informative and useful. Now you are accusing me of being no different than a mentally disturbed mass murderer. There is obviously something going on with you to make you this way.

        If you want to get back to making rational arguments for the way you feel about atheists, I will be happy to participate in a civil discussion. Otherwise, I am through corresponding with you. In addressing your personal problems, you should probably not focus too much on the impact that atheists are having on your life. That would only distract you from the real issues at hand.