Dozens of Michigan Schools Close Due to Rumors of Violence

Dozens of Michigan schools cancelled classes today because of fall-out from the Sandy Hook tragedy, combined with the Mayan calendar nonsense.

This is just a symptom of how raw the people of this nation are this week.

It raises the question that I asked here. Why did our leader rush this country into a divisive debate on gun control before the victims of this latest atrocity were even buried?

Grieving our losses and trying to bring ourselves and our families together for a holy and healing Christmas are about all the people of this country can handle right now.

Aside from executive orders, which I think would be terribly unwise, there is nothing that can be done until after the New Year. Congress and the president are engaged in an insult-slinging fight over the “fiscal cliff.” Isn’t playing chicken with our economic security enough trauma from Washington for now?

A wise leader understands that there is a time for everything. I believe that opening a debate about solutions — especially when the proposed solutions are things that divide us — is poor leadership in this sensitive time. I think it is uncaring leadership. By that I mean that I think the president has focused on taking advantage of what he sees as a political opportunity and ignored  the well-being of the American people. There was no practical reason why he had to open this debate this week. None.

The Associated Press article about school closings in Michigan reads in part:

DETROIT (AP) — Dozens of Michigan schools canceled classes for thousands of students to cool off rumored threats of violence and problems related to doomsday scenarios based on the Mayan calendar, officials said Thursday.

Public schools in Genesee and Lapeer counties, neighboring counties north of the Detroit area, started the Christmas break Wednesday night rather than hold classes the rest of the week. Meanwhile, police investigated whether students made false claims about guns at the high school in Grand Blanc, saidJohn Potbury, a spokesman for the Genesee County prosecutor.

Last week’s shooting at a Connecticut elementary school “changed all of us. … Canceling school is the right thing to do,” Genesee County schools said in a statement. (Read more here.)


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  • Becky

    Umm, because the tiny victims were massacred with guns? I don’t understand how pretending that guns aren’t implicated does anything to honor the victims. I never cared about gun control all that much before the massacre (which is hardly to my credit), but now I’m realizing how absurd it is that we have all sorts of crazy restrictions on our other freedoms — I make soap, for example, and it’s near-impossible to buy lye to make soap with because lye is need to make crystal meth — but we have almost no restrictions on the sale and purchase of assault-grade weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. It doesn’t make any sense. As a mother, I want to see these massacres stop, and I think sensible gun control is obviously part of any potential solution. Not the entire solution, mind — but it seems to take a wilful blindness to put our heads in the sand and act like our lax gun laws are not somehow a contributing factor to these semi-regular mass shootings. I am saddened and disappointed that so many Catholics seem reluctant to come to this conclusion because it is supported by the center-left of the country as opposed to the center-right. Jesus did not call us to be ideologues. Please don’t let your distaste for most democrat-supported policies blind you to the fact that this fetishization of guns and gun rights is a sickness in our culture. Children’s lives are at stake.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Becky (like your name, btw) I am a Democrat. Not only that, but I am a Democratic elected official. I have voted every which way on various gun control/gun freedom issues, depending on the language of the bill in question.

      If the president wants to talk about gun control, I think that’s fine. I welcome the debate. However, there is such a thing as being a jerk about it, and starting a big political debate on a divisive issue that will tear the people of this country farther apart while we are seeing photos of the funerals as they happen is, in my opinion, being a jerk about it. It may seem fine to you, but it grates on me like fingernails scraping across a chalkboard. Congress can do nothing this week or the next. He should let it sit until after the New Year when something can actually be done.

      You’re trying to debate the issue. I’m talking about the timing and the sensitivity — or lack thereof.

      • Becky

        I am perhaps (probably?) missing something, but I literally don’t understand how children can be massacred with guns … and it’s somehow considered in poor taste to talk about guns. To me, it’s like saying that President Bush shouldn’t have talked about airline security or terrorism in the wake of 9/11. I wasn’t intending to come off as debate-y and strident. I lived in Connecticut until a few months ago and am in mourning on so many levels — and am also angry on many levels — so I apologize if my tone is not as sensitive as it might have been.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          Me too.

          “I apologize if my tone is not as sensitive as it might have been.”

          • Becky

            You are always very gracious and thoughtful, even when I disagree with you. I hope your Advent and Christmas are full of love and peace.

            • Rebecca Hamilton

              Thank you Becky. Apologies again for being so short.