Finding Normal

It’s still Advent.

Christmas is right around the corner.

We have to pull ourselves out of the grief cycle and find normal again. This isn’t easy. It’s never easy. But after a season of repeated tragedies layered on top of a tumultuous political campaign, it’s even harder.

Finding normal is the work in front of us.

Advent is a holy season of self-examination and repentance. Those activities seem especially fitting in this week after Sandy Hook. We need to use these days of prayer to draw closer to our God and seek His comfort and His direction.

At the same time, we have the work of preparing for Christmas. We have presents to wrap, food to buy and houses to clean. If we have little children, it is our responsibility to create Christmas for them. Remember that Christmas is more than presents and feasting. It is the birthday of our Savior.

Once more Americans have to find normal and live normal after a national tragedy has taken normal away from us. We will find normal in everyday things; in the cleaning, wrapping, praying and confessing of real life.

Healing comes from loving and living. It is in the warmth of our friendships and families; the safety of our homes. The dailiness of life will heal us, if we let it. Our resilience is in our faith and our ability to trust that even when things go wrong they are somehow also going right.

It is still Advent.

Christmas is coming.

And America is trying to find normal, once again.

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  • Manny

    I hate the media. They over do everything. There was a car accident yesterday on Staten Island where a young woman was killed by a drunk driver. That was just as tragic. (And by the way no one is talking about making alcholic drinks illegal – why?) There are tragedies every day in life. We pray, we put our faith in the Lord, and we move on. The Newtown tragedy is too much already.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I agree Manny.

      I think the reason no one is talking about making alcoholic drinks illegal is that this has been tried and was a terrible failure that did great harm to our country.

  • Bill S

    We all have to make our own personal decisions as to when we’ve had enough of the media. This is a gripping story and it seems that some people can’t get enough of it. Life will go on for us, but it will never be the same for them. When I was young, my mother passed away just before Christmas, and as much as I try it has never been the same. So it will be for these people.