Labor vs the Ruling Class, Which One Are You?

My fellow Catholic Patheosi, who blogs at Why I Am Catholic, published an interesting post today about organized labor.

Franks says:

Capital vs. Labor and the Ruling Class vs. the Rest of Us = the Same Thing
December 4, 2012 By Frank Weathers 8 Comments

Folks are starting to take notice of this development. Catholic social teaching has always noticed it, especially since the time St. Thomas Aquinas was writing his summas. And the Church has been outspoken about just wages and the dignity of workers for some time now.
Below is a short video of the fellows over at Yahoo! Finance wondering if it’s time for labor unions to make a comeback. Henry Blodget’s graphs on income inequality (see below) were recently shared by Kevin Knight of New Advent. Check out the discussion,

For the rest of a great article, check out Labor and the Ruling Class vs the Rest of Us = The Same Thing.

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