Young Steve Jobs Talks About Our Future

I confess. I am a Mac.

I used to love Steve Jobs’ presentations. His sense of timing, ability to communicate and excite, were unique to him.

I find this old video of a young Steve Jobs talking about Apple at Apple’s beginnings fascinating. Even at this young age and in this overly casual environment, he already had that stage presence. He also spoke from the hippie ethos of that time. This is an interesting look backwards into our recent history. If you enjoy that sort of thing, have a watch.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Bill S

    Don’t have time to watch the video. But I have to keep my comments streak alive. People like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are amazing people. I think they are atheists if I am not mistaken. At the present moment, that is the only thing I have in common with them.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Steve Jobs was a Buddhist, who according to his biographer, talked about what sounded like traditional Christianity at the end — at least in a questioning way. I don’t know about Bill Gates, except that his wife is a Catholic and she seems to be the driving force behind his philanthropy.

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