Is There Something in the Drinking Water, or, Were People Always This Crazy and We Just Didn’t Notice?

Is there something funny in our drinking water? Or have people always been this crazy and we just didn’t notice?

The reasons I’m asking are …

Te’o and the girlfriend who wasn’t. If he’d been a lonely nerd with acne and a weight problem no one would have been all that surprised by a fantasy girlfriend. But everyone knows that football stars are like young lords on college campuses. The profs, the staff, the press, the administration and the girls just can’t say “no.” So, what’s with Te’o and the fantasy girlfriend?

Monsignor Meth, the Breaking Bad priest. Turns out the monsignor was a sex-party-in-the-rectory-having cross-dresser before he was a meth-dealing-money-laundering-sex-toy-store owner. Fortunately, the Church had already removed him from his parish for the sex party in the rectory stuff. (Whew!) But … what’s with this guy?

Father Handcuffs, the 911 caller. Odd as this sounds, my main question about Father Handcuffs is why he didn’t call a friend to get him out of his rig instead of 911. My family and I were discussing this at dinner the other night (my kids are adults, and our dinner table conversations are, always have been, free-ranging) and one of my sons said, “Why didn’t he call anybody — even his mother — before he called 911?” All this leads me to think that Father Handcuffs, in addition to being a bit of a kink, may be a lonely man.

Mark Sanford the I-lied-when-I said-I-was-hiking-the-Appalachian-Trail-I-was-really-in-Argentina-with-my-girlfriend Governor. Now, with said girlfriend at his side and his wife and four children … somewhere else … the former governor says he’s running for Congress. Where he should fit right in.

Mel Gibson the brilliant actor/director who truly and absolutely cannot hold his liquor, a weakness that combines with his love affair with hidden microphones to make for sordid tapes.

And all those famous menpoliticians, footballs players, etc — who keep sending photos of their private parts to women who don’t want to see them.

Were people always this crazy and the internet has just forced them on us, or, is someone putting some sort of mental whoopee cushion in the drinking water? I ask you, what’s with these people?

  • James

    It gets crazier. Apparently one of Mark Sanford’s opponents is the former State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, who spend time in federal prison for distributing cocaine. (He wasn’t selling it, he was giving it away, but still…)

  • neenergyobserver

    I think, or at least hope, that we just hear about this stuff far more than we used to. If not, God help us.

  • Sus

    I agree with neener – we just hear about it more with the internet and cable news.

    If I were in Father Handcuffs’ position (ha), I’d call 911 before I’d call my mother! As a mother, please, I don’t want a phone call like that!

  • Sus

    I agree with neener – we just hear about it more with the internet and cable news.

    If I were in Father Handcuffs’ position (ha), I’d call 911 before I’d call my mother! As a mother, please, I don’t want a phone call like that!

  • SteveP

    Maybe it’s just concupiscence makes you do stupid things? I could say “speaking from experience” but that would be self-incriminating! Pray for me!

  • Theresa Stutz

    In possible defense of Father Handcuffs…Perhaps the priest was raped. Perhaps he had a private meeting and confession with someone who turned out to be a perverted criminal. He could have been injured, unable to divulge much do to the limits of the confessional, but was smart enough to have the incident documented until the Bishop could discern the issue. If something happened to him that was traumatizing he would of course need time off etc. …I would use complete caution about jumping to judgement in a case such as this. A man’s good reputation is at stake. The Virtue of Prudence should be exercised until proper authorities give an explanation.

  • Theresa

    I could hear the merry melodies theme song as I read this! Awesome.

  • FW Ken

    After 14 years in criminal justice and about 15 years before that in mental health services, I’m thinking people have always done strange things. Like others, I think that what’s different now is that “news” has gone viral, with several 24 hour cable channels, and hours of “news” on the regular channels. I remember when the national news lasted 15 minutes, with 15 minutes of local news afterwards. I remember when each went to 30 minutes.

    Let me speak for Te’o, noting first that I don’t follow football and never heard of this fellow till last week. But just because you are a football god doesn’t mean that you aren’t a scared nerd on the inside. I say that as a nerd. Four years of an internet relationship without meeting suggests nerd to me.

    I hadn’t heard of Father Handcuffs. And I hope I never hear of him again. :-)

  • Fabio P.Barbieri

    I think there is a spiritual article or paragraph in Murphy’s Law that says that if something can be done, someone somewhere will do it – even though nobody had even so much as thought of it before. And as I said somewhere else, I have no doubt that there is a busy office in Hell for the constant and ruthless application of Murphy’s Law.

  • Patty

    I think a little of both…the internet and the immorality of the tabloids force these people on us. And the sad part is the majority like this trash and encourage this type of reporting. I may be wrong, but I am so sadden to see the bad apples take over.