Video Tribute to 40 Years of Abortion on Demand: Watch Once, Shower Twice


I didn’t write about the 40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade yesterday.

I didn’t because, as we say in these parts, I had no spit. I just didn’t wanna even think about it.

Then last night, I saw this. At first view, I thought it must be a parody attacking the abortion movement. I went to the Center for Reproductive Rights, the group which is credited with this thing, and there it was.

In addition to the overall sleeziness of this video, the irony of repeatedly referring to abortion, which is the killing of a an unborn child, as “baby” is so thick an elephant could stand on it. All in all, it is, in its own sick way, a worthy tribute to 40 years of legalized infanticide.

Watch it and go take a shower.

YouTube Preview Image

For Deacon Greg Kandra’s take on the same story, go here.

  • Maggie Goff

    This is really, really, really sick.

  • Sus

    Shower? I need to be decontaminated.

    I don’t know how even the most pro-choice person in the world would think that video is okay and does anything to further their cause.

  • Biltrix

    I hate to say it, Rebecca — that picture of Moloch fits perfectly. In fact, that says it all.

    Just want to add, I posted the video over on my place this morning, and linked back to you. It’s hard for me to say thanks for something that turns my stomach like this (sorry for putting it that way), but like swallowing bitter medicine, we need it. — Thanks!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      You’re welcome James. Use lots of soap with your shower.

  • Amy

    This isn’t playing on cable, is it? I don’t watch tv. Had to go the website to find out who the dude was….like to put a name with a face. His is Mehcad Brooks. Never heard of him but googled his name and checked out IMDB. Am happy to know that I never watched anything he was in nor will I pay to watch anything he may act in. For that matter, I will not pay to be entained by anyone who’s name is associated with drawtheline dot org – Merry Streep, Kevin Bacon, his wife, Kyra, Amy Poehler? Lisa Kudrow? Audra McDonald?(?Never heard of them?) Hollywood is in bed with PP, the President is in bed with PP, Most of the Democrat party is in bed with PP…well I did not vote for the president, I do not vote for pro abortion politicians…I can and will DRAW MY OWN LINE with Hollywood, thank you. MY Choice. Sweet.

    • Biltrix

      Nicely put, Amy.

  • Bob Seidensticker

    Nice video. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I went to a Roe v. Wade lecture/celebration last night. Good stuff.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Bob, I assume you posted this comment to be provocative and engage people here in a discussion of your agenda so you can proselytize. You are nothing if not an aggressive atheist evangelist.

  • Manny

    Oh that is repugnant. I can’t believe they made that. On top of superficializing abortion, doesn’t it touch on the worst stereotype of African-Americans? And aren’t African-Americans the highest per capita users of abortion? There are just to0 many mirrors there reflectiong misery.

  • FW Ken

    While abortion is billed as a women’s thing, the real winners are men: an abortion is a lot cheaper than 18 years of child support.