We’re in the Efforts Business, God is in the Results Business

My friend Judge Twyla Gray died a year ago last October after a twenty year battle with breast cancer.

A few months before she died, she gave this speech at TEDxOKC.

Twyla and I were first elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives together in 1980. She and her husband, Charles, set up the blind date that kicked off the courtship between me and my husband. Twyla was a brilliant woman whose career ultimately led her to spend many years as a District Judge.

She was also a prayerful Christian and a devoted wife and mother.

I think her comments here say quite a lot about vocation in this life.
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You have to wait a few seconds for the video to start.

  • Maggie Goff

    It certainly does say a lot, and beautifully. How blessed you are to have had her as a friend; and she, you.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Maggie.

  • Sus

    She is very inspiring. In her talk she said she had an anti bucket list – things she didn’t want to do. I like that. Thank you for sharing.

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