The Media’s Take on Pope’s Last Audience: Pope Issues Gloomy Final Message

I began my day by reading the Holy Father’s beautiful words that he gave to us during his last public audience. I was moved, touched and inspired all at once. He spoke eloquently of what the Christian life truly is; a life of service, peace and joy in the face of life’s transitions.

Then, I turned to checking out the other headlines of the day by clicking on one of the major media web sites. I don’t want to give them any help, even from my itty bitty blog, by linking to them. You can take my word for this or not.

How did they headline the Holy Father’s good-bye?

The headline was: Pope Issues Gloomy Final Message.

Is that bias, or stupidity? What do you think?

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  • Annie

    Definitely both! Bias, because they are biased, and stupid because they are biased!

  • Veronica

    It is both bias and stupidity. I really shouldn’t be surprised that the media would distort such a beautiful farewell message, but even so, it rattles me. May God continue to bless our amazing, saintly Holy Father, I will continue to pray for him and when he finally leaves this earth, I will ask for his intercession. I am sure he will be canonized someday within my lifetime.

    • Bill S

      “I am sure he will be canonized someday within my lifetime.”

      You must be very young and plan to live a very long time. He has to get in line behind Pius XII and JPII. Well, first we have to wait until he passes away. He could live to 100 now that he is not under the stress that he must have endured. Then we need two miracles.

      • Theodore Seeber

        Nothing in Church Law states that Saints have to be canonized in chronological order. Having said that- Pope Pius XII seems “blocked” from Sainthood due to those who believe he handled Hitler wrong, JPII seems to have a similar issue with the way he handled the Legion of Christ.

        I suspect that both will eventually be vindicated, but like this Pope, yes, could take several centuries.

  • Manny

    I totally agree with Annie. Both!

  • Mike

    Both, but let’s not forget that they are biased because much of their readership is biased and so both sides then don’t have an opportunity to realize they are biased. It’s a vicious circle.

  • Patty

    Which is why I stopped watching the main stream media. I was raised Catholic although now Protestant and still revere the Pope as a man of God, as we all should. But then most people in the main stream media revere no one but themselves.