To Be a Priest

Young seminarians and priests discuss what their vocation means.

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  • Bill S

    When my son was little, he was impressed with our pastor and said he wanted to become a priest. Not being big on celibacy, I tried to discourage him. He looked at me defiantly and said “if I want to be a priest, you can’t stop me”. We never discussed it again.

    He still has some interest in Catholicism but has been turned off by the scandals and the Church’s stand on homosexuality.

    I don’t know what I would have done if he had become a priest and I an atheist.

  • Theodore Seeber

    NOTHING harmed vocations as much as the sexual revolution in all its manifestations. Both the vocation to matrimony and the vocation to Holy Orders has suffered from hedonism; and will continue to do so as long as the abuse of human sexuality away from procreation continues.

    • Bill S

      You may be right, Ted, but there is this thing called freedom that we all enjoy. Hedonism is not illegal nor should it be. You can call anything hedonism and condemn it. By your definition, we are all hedons. Cellibacy might have something to do with the lack of vocations, and you can blame it on how the sexual revolution turned men away from a celibate life. But celibacy isn’t working as evident from the sexual abuse scandals. Yes, I agree it has done a number on marriage.

      • Theodore Seeber

        Not Celibacy- but Chastity. The sexual revolution took America away from the CHASTE life. It is perfectly reasonable to use sex for procreation in a Chaste life. It says something awfully nasty about the moral conscience of an individual to use another human being’s body for recreation alone.

  • justin

    I do not hear priests publicly condemning a father who kills his child by starvation/ lack of food…… but I hear priests condemning women for the same thing…

    • hamiltonr