Pope Emeritus: What Does He Do?

I found this on the fine blog, iCatholicSalmon. Check them out.

  • Bill S

    I’m thinking memoirs and a book tour.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Doubtful. :-)

    • Ted Seeber

      I’m thinking we’ll never see him again until his funeral. At all.
      I’m just hoping he doesn’t follow Pope Celestine V’s example, or we’ll be having such a funeral before next December.

  • Dale

    I am thinking there needs to be more cats in that image. There are only three photos with cats and that is simply not enough! :)

    Our dear Benedict has already stated that he plans on being “hidden to the world” and will spend his time in prayer and reflection. I think he plans to keep a very low profile.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I found it edifying that the Holy Father is a cat person. My cat found it as expected. :-)

  • pagansister

    From the pictures of him when he became Pope and those right before he resigned, I’d say his health has deteriorated considerably. My guess is he will do has he said, and keep a low profile, and rest a lot—-He might be called on by the new Pope for advice? Who knows? I wondered if perhaps there was a strong medical reason for his retirement—cancer or something, that is being kept from the world.