God help us to conquer the menace of evil.

God help us to conquer the menace of evil. October 11, 2023

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Gary Todd, public domain

We are swimming in a sea of evil. The pillars of civilized society are shaken by corruption of faith and false idols of power.

Here in America, our clergy sell the Cross for access to political power and money. Savage warfare in the mis-used name of God bears down on people in the Middle East, while equally savage warfare seeks to enslave Ukraine in the name of the avaricious dreams of empire of one sin-sick and evil man.

We are locked into our silos of closed thinking and self-righteousness, determined to burn down the house where we live because we want to burn the people we have made into our enemies along with it.

This is sin. It is all sin, black and stinking with its blood lust and desire for annihilation. It is the darkness that we have allowed to enter us, to control us and to extinguish the light of Christ within us.

The darkness cannot drive out light. Light drives out darkness. The darkness of evil is, at its core … nothing. It is a ravening hunger that craves annihilation.

The only way we can lose the Light of Christ is if we use our own free-from-God will to chose it. And far too many of us have done exactly that.

There are so many ways into us. We are sieves of openness to everything around us. That is how we learn. It is how we grow. But it is also how the darkness can enter into us with the confusion of lies.

The serpent said that God had lied. “If you eat the apple, you won’t die.” But the serpent didn’t finish that sentence. The truth would have been, “You won’t die now.” God doesn’t lie, can’t lie, because there is no lie in Him. But he often, in fact He usually, only tells us what we must know to follow Him in faith. Then He lets us chose for ourselves what we will do.

I have experienced the direction of God. It isn’t the lavish Yakkity yak that false “christian” shamans who are selling religious cornflakes say they’ve experienced. Those people are lying. God, when He directs you, is a small still voice that is more likely to say, “stand over there,” without explanation and at a time when standing over there is the stupid thing to do.

God doesn’t explain, and if you obey and stand over there, you may be standing for a long time in the stupid place while nothing good, Godly or significant happens. And then, in one totally unexpected moment, you are like a player on a ball team who shags a fly nobody expected would ever come over there … where you just happen to be standing.

“Stand over there.” Do what God says … without understanding.

“If you eat the apple, you will die.” Just that. Nothing more. You believe it and act on it in faith, without full understanding. Or you fool around and find out.

Disobey God and don’t worry because “You will not die,” is a trick and a lie. It is the old ruse, the ancient seduction to sin. It is greed, every sort of greed, telling us what we want to hear so that we can sell ourselves the notion that it’s a good and necessary thing to do what we know is wrong.

When we believe the lies that wrong is right and evil is good, we are rewarded. The reward isn’t just money or power. It’s the dark pleasure of controlling, getting over, inflicting pain and fear. It allows us to feed our warped and sick sense of self importance and significance on the pain and harm we inflict on those who trust us. Over time, we become so addicted to this, so sated by it, that we no longer care about things like right and wrong.

This is evil. It is fools, selling their souls to live in the moral shadows until the shadows overtake them. It is the ancient lie from the father of lies. It is the obfuscation and prevarication that allows us to lie, steal, murder and destroy while claiming that our actions and we ourselves are of God. Sin is built on lies and ends in death. Always.

Oh, Immaculate Heart! Help us to conquer the menace of evil, which so easily takes root in the hearts of the people of today, and whose immeasurable effects already weigh down upon our modern world and seem to block the paths towards the future!

From famine and war, deliver us.

From nuclear war, from incalculable self-destruction, from every kind of war, deliver us.

From sins against the life of man from its very beginning, deliver us.

From hatred and from the demeaning of the dignity of the children of God, deliver us.

From every kind of injustice in the life of society, both national and international, deliver us.

From readiness to trample on the commandments of God, deliver us.

From attempts to stifle in human hearts the very truth of God, deliver us.

From sins against the Holy Spirit, deliver us.

Accept, O Mother of Christ, this cry laden with the sufferings of all individual human beings, laden with the sufferings of whole societies.

Let there be revealed, once more. in the history of the world your infinite power of merciful Love. May it put a stop to evil. May it transform consciences. May your Immaculate Heart reveal for all the light of Hope.

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